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iRest company  – a luxury massage products brand, started producing zero gravity massage chairs in 2003.  The company focuses on creating technological and scientific solutions for the health and wellness industry.
The trademark has been registered in more than 100 countries overseas and has more than 300 intellectual property rights. Massage equipment and Full Body massage chair exports have reached over 100 countries.
All massage products meet European and American certification standards and are recognized globally for their sturdiness, ease of use, and functionality.
Manufacturing is carried out in state-of-the-art facilities with high certification standards and processes to meet the needs of international markets.
Premium iRest Massage chair price in india has been subsidized to encourage healthy living and well-being.

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Premium iRest Massage Chair Price in India: Luxury Relaxation Within Reach

iRest SL A 710 Massage Chair


“If we do not transform our pain, we will most assuredly Transmit IT”

Massage Chair price in India
India Story

iRest-systems Pvt ltd is a health and wellness Company established to introduce and promote massage products in india since 2003


We import and distribute acclaimed Luxury Massage products and irest Chairs in India from various parts of the Globe to meet the Indian clientele requirements.


Our Services and Products are available across the Indian subcontinent. Our products are among India’s most trusted and preferred luxury Massage products across the Globe.


Our International Full body Massage chair collection

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