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The new technology of iRest A39 Robostic Zero Gravity

iRest is our greatest product, based on biomechanics, ergonomics, and model physical therapy, and its design takes into account human skeletal characteristics. All this, combined with zero power, zero space, a longer curved rail massage, model physics stretch, point, magnet therapy, a total of 28 air bags, 8 permanent magnets, and 1 air pump, will bring you a supreme massage experience when you’re at home, helping you to keep healthy and active every day.

Innovative functions. New Design 2015

The innovative function is the 1 air pump, which can work synchronously and continuously to supply motive power for the whole 28 airbags. Both stereo leisure massage and strong airbag pressure are accurate and unique, which makes you enjoy a lively, fresh massage.

Armrest Shortcuts: recline, start/stop, usb.

Press to open and close the massage function. Calf rest lifting button, press this button, calf restlifting slowly, stop when release it. Backrest lifting button, press this button, backrest lifting slowly, stop when release it.

USB recharging port

USB recharging port, recharge smart devices (such as mobilephone).

3 Zero Gravity Positions

This is a very important feature because this mechanism enables the zero gravity position that has a truly positive effect on your back’s health. In this position the body weight is uniformly distributed and the pressure on the spine is reduced.


Zero Gravity

When the zero gravity mode starts, there is an angle of elevation of about 118 degrees between the body and the feet. The position of the thigh and calf is higher than the position of the heart. The gravity of each body part will be distributed evenly on the massage chair, to help fully release the pressure on your body. It offers you a state of weightlessness, to help you enjoy perfect relaxation without any restrictions.

Zero Space

Designed with one button to move smoothly and with a unique forward slip, the fully open massage chair can be at a distance of only 5 cm from the nearest wall. In the process of achieving the 22 cm forward function, the seat will slide forward, abandoning the traditional massage chair position, restricted by the space available between the chair and the wall behind it. When the seat is tilting, you may feel a sense of floating.


Human engineering combines with a studied super long „L” shape space curved rail technology to increase the massage distance to 135 cm, allowing you to enjoy a personalized massage from head to toe, helping to maintain the human body vertebrae’s „S” shaped curve, which will help achieve a relaxation of the spine, relieving tense muscles.


Emulating the touch of the human hand by using an advanced roller technology, the chair can offer Guasha massage like a professional masseur. With 3 cm travel, the massage focuses on the Youngquan point the sole, either by a gentle, steady massage or by a gradually stronger massage, which can bring unprecedented comfort and enjoyment.


Air bags of different shapes completely pack calf, ankle, and foot to bring you triple enjoyment. The compression, pause, and air pressure release method, which stimulates the Xuanzhog and Taixi acupoints, can bring you perfect comfort and harmony.


Magnetic therapy with 8 300CC accurately-positioned permanent magnets can improve low magnetite levels in the body by stimulating the Chengshang and Zhonmai acupoints on the calf.


The intelligent mechanical hands can move up and down on neck, shoulder, back and waist. They can automatically induce human curve and the range can be as wide as 21 CM; the vertical route is 135 CM, which fully covers the human back.


The “S” shape curve supporting the body is a combination of back massage structure combined with human engineering principles, so as to offer you an accurately-positioned back massage. The width can be adjusted from 6 to 21 cm, with three options.


Equipped with 12 air bags according to the human arm curve to perform all-round massage on the Yangchi and Quichi points on the arms. Three-dimensional balanced traction originating from the inflated airbags will relax and refresh you from arm to palm..


0ºC-50ºC back heating function can relieve coldness and pain in your back. The emissive far infrared wave length coincides with the human body wave length, so the energy can be absorbed by the human cell, which can activate cells and stimulate the metabolism.


Three individual memory functions will meet your and your family members' requirement via specially designed massage methods. Any combination of massage methods and functions that you and your family choose can be stored in through the M1/M2 memory keys. That will dispel fatigue after exercise and give you and your family a strong body. You only need to press the button for two seconds, and after hearing the beep sound, the automatic memory mode will activate.


You can choose the massage time according to your requirements by using this function, in order to enjoy a continuous massage.

Innovative function

The 1 air pump has an innovative function which allows it to work synchronously and continuously to supply motive power for the whole 28 airbags. Both stereo leisure massage and strong airbag pressure are accurate and unique, which makes you enjoy a lively fresh massage. We focus on creating the world’s most famous health brand and on making iRest health products enter into tens of thousands of households. If you have pain in the waist and back area, or a stiff neck, the main problem are the vertebrae. iRest health products use leading international leading technology, such as the 2D detection function, which can locate the massage points according to your body height, from the Fengchi point on the neck to the Yongquan point on the sole; it relates to more than 500 points on the body, thus offering you a professional and comfortable physical therapy, helping you solve the problem of poor health, and helping you to refresh yourself. iRest health products are tailor-made through medical testing.

Recommended for:

Physical therapy over 12 comfortable point

Fill the body with a sense of euphoria


The liver and absent wind relieves, has a detoxifying effect; Recommended for headaches and teeth.


Disperse wind and makes clear the heart, the active side, reduces swelling; It can relieve cervical spondylosis, stiff neck.


Peeled tendons and active pledges, the regulation of chi and swelling can alleviate glenohumeral periarthritis, shoulder and arm pain.


Relieves chest congestion, regulates chi, active side and soothe the nerves, supports the heart.


Soothes liver and bile, regulates and strengthens Chi and vision, supports the liver.


Invigorates the kidney and supports Yang, strengthens the size and helps water retention, supports the kidneys.


Calms the mind, regulates chi and relieves pain, helps convalescent heart, supports the heart.


Clensing the heart and improves the vision, regulates the stomach, shoulders and arms, dyspepsia, ulcers in the mouth, toothache, cold, gastrointestinal system adapted, etc.


Drena tendons and active side, strengthening the spleen and stomach, help in case of hepatitis, enteritis, bronchitis, nephritis etc. Kunlun POINT Calms the nerves and brightens the heart, the tendons and the active side, suitable for sciatica nerve pain, arthritis of the knee, ankle sprains dredge, and so on.


Nourishes the yin and softens the kidney, liver calm, scattered wind, useful in cases of insomnia, nervous headaches, myocarditis, etc.

Product Specifications
Full back massage Yes
Automatic adjustment of height for upper back massage Yes
Electric reclining backrest Yes
Electrical reclining foot rest Yes
Neck massage to release tension and stiffness Yes
Massage Rollers Yes
Airbags 28
Valves 8 Valves
Air pumps 1
Massage and Relaxation Yes
Reflex Therapy Yes
Foot Massage Yes
Chair Cover Ecological antibacterial leather
Maximum User Weight (kg) 120 kg
Timer 15 minutes
Colors Black, beige and red
Rated Voltage 220 - 230V

Other Available Colors for iRest A39 Zero Gravity Massage Chair.

This massage chair is also available in other colors. You can now select the color which best suits the décor of your home.

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