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iRest A86-1 2015 Design.

The new iRest A86-1 massage chair is equipped with a set of 3D intelligent, silent massage hands that can move up and down, stretching forward and backward, as well as sideways. This model is part of the iRest 2015 Design category launched in June, which makes it the best iRest massage chair to date.

Improved Functions

The A86-1 is equipped with a variety of functions, such as: comfort, relaxation, pain relief, quick massage experience, waist stretch, full air pressure, plus a host of other massage functions specific to the new 2015 concept.

Smartphone Application

It is now possible to use your phone in order to control the massage, should you wish to do so. The iRest A86-1 is the only massage chair which can also be controlled from a smart device, using the free application launched by the manufacturer.

Manual massage selection.

The chair is designed with a manual massage selection function for the upper body. There are 3 massage positions options available: overall, partial, and fixed point. There are 6 massage methods: shoulder gripping, kneading, tapping, shiatsu, kneading and tapping, and 3D. There are 5 speed levels available, and in the case of the tapping and shiatsu massage, you can choose from 5 different width options to adjust the width of the massage hands.

Automatic massage selection

Choose a preset massage for an interesting massage experience. On the remote control, you will find several automatic massage programs, which will offer you a variety of massage methods, different movements, various massage speeds, full air massage, etc.

Air Pressure Massage

Air pressure forearm massage function (with 8 incorporated air bags), upper arm massage function (with 4 incorporated air bags), with three intensity levels.

Lower body air pressure massage:

air pressure back massage (with 4 incorporated air bags), air pressure buttock massage (16 air bags), air pressure leg massage (36 air bags), with 3 levels of intensity.

Heating Function

Back heating function using carbon fiber as a source for far infrared heating. The wavelength of infrared radiation coincides with the wavelength of the human body, which allows the energy to be absorbed by the human cells, activating the cells and stimulating the metabolism. The heating function is recommended especially in winter or during cold periods.

Audio Function

You can now use a smartphone or a tablet in order to control the chair via Bluetooth. Connect to the smart terminal via Bluetooth to play music or connect via an audio cable straight to the chair’s connection base.

Upper arm and forearm vertical massage

The new iRest A86-1 comes with improvements in the area of arm massage. The massage cushions have different positions, so that placing your upper arms in the dedicated spaces becomes much more comfortable, and the forearm massage is more efficient.

Zero Space and Zero Gravity

The iRest A86-1 is a massage chair that can be placed right next to a wall. You only need a 5 cm minimum distance to the back wall. This chair extends in a different manner, because it is designed with a special feature allowing it to slide forward by up to 22 cm when you use the Zero Gravity or extension features. The seat of the chair will slide forward, without touching the floor or the back wall.

Important functions

Reflex Therapy

The foot rest extends freely in order to accommodate different user heights.

Calf rest

The calf rest is equipped with massage rollers and air bags, plus 8 natural magnets..

Lower leg massage

Different size air bags fully wrap around your calf, ankle, and foot, offering you a triple experience that you will never forget. Apply this method, by which you activate, in succession, the air pressure compression, pause, and evacuation function, in order to stimulate the Xuanzhong and Taixi acupoints, which will bring you perfect comfort and harmony.

Foot massage with rollers

Emulates human touch and comes with an advanced massage roller technology, providing a Guasha massage similar to that offered by a professional massage therapist. Focusing on the Yongquan point on the sole of your foot, the massage provided can be delicate and constant, but it can also be increasingly stronger.

S-shape back massage

The 3D roller system allows the rollers to move up/down/left/right/forward/backward on your neck, shoulders, back, and waist. The rollers adapt and move in an S-shape system, following the shape of the spine. The width range is from 6 cm (so as not to touch the spine) to 21 cm (so as to cover the whole back).

Back width adjustment

The S-shaped curve that supports the body involves a combination of back massage structures and human engineering principles, so that you may enjoy a highly accurate back massage. The width can be adjusted from 6 to 21 cm, with three width options.

Air bag arm massage

Equipped with air bags that follow the curves of the human arm, the chair provides a massage that wholly comprises your arms, acting on the Yangchi and Quchi points. The balanced 3D traction which originates in the air-filled bags will invigorate your arms and palms.

Far infrared carbon fiber heating

The 40-50º C back heating function eliminates any cold sensation and backache. The wavelength of infrared radiation coincides with the wavelength of the human body, which allows the energy to be absorbed by the human cells, activating the cells and stimulating the metabolism.

Two memory modes

These two functions will satisfy the needs of your family. Any combination of massage methods and functions that you and your family may choose can be stored with the appropriate M1 / M2 memory programs. All you need to do is press the button for two seconds after hearing a certain sound, and the automatic memory mode kicks into action.

Massage timer function

With this function, you can set the massage time according to your preferences, which will allow you to enjoy a continuous massage or 10-, 15-, 20-, 25-, 30-, or 40-minute massage sessions.

iRest Massage technology

Due to their innovative function, the air pumps can operate in synchronization or continuously, in order to provide the motor force required for the air bags. Both the relaxation massage and the strong pressure of the air bags are precise and unique, which allows you to enjoy a refreshing massage.
The vertebrae are usually the cause for pain in the waist and back areas, as well as for a stiff neck. The iRest massage chairs apply a state of the art international technology with a 3D detection function, which can identify the massage points according to your height. From the Fengchi point on your neck to the Yongquan point on your sole, this technology comprises 500 points on the entire body, providing you with a professional, comfortable, and invigorating physical therapy which solves the problems connected with poor health. iRest health products are manufactured to specifications revealed as a result of medical testing.

Magnet therapy function

In the calf air bags there are 8 magnets with natural energy. Magnet therapy can reduce cholesterol levels, it can eliminate the accumulation of free radicals in the body, and it can improve the body’s immunity, offering a host of other benefits as well. According to the national infrared and industrial electric products quality supervision and inspection center verification, it has been established that the area of magnetic intensity is 73mT, in accordance with national protection standards, whose range is 40-110mT.

Body Stretching.

The massage chair is recommended for the elimination of muscle tension and joint stiffness, allowing you in this manner to maintain a good state of health. Stretching is achieved with the aid of the shoulder, arm, and leg massage cushions.

Calf rest extension

Depending on the user’s height, the calf rest can extend freely, by up to 15 cm, which ensures a full body massage, according to the individual size of each user.

Massage techniques


Presses the main body points; speed and width are adjustable. This method effectively eliminates muscle tension and stiffness, reducing the pressure on the vertebrae.

Light tapping

The massage rollers will lightly tap your back in an up-down direction, and will activate the blood circulation in your entire back. Light tapping massage is among the best known and sought-after relaxation and massage methods.


This method can press your muscles deeply, stimulating some of your main points. It can eliminate muscle tension and stiffness. What’s more, the adjustable speed will offer you a perfect massage.

Kneading + light tapping

The massage rollers will lightly tap your back in an up-down direction, after which the kneading massage will kick in, and then the program will revert to light tapping again. It’s a combination alternative massage for the entire back area.

Shoulder gripping and kneading

The 3D massage rollers grip and knead the shoulders, relaxing the muscles and eliminating fatigue. The kneading of the massage points in an up-down direction relieves the deepest of pains.

Rolling (full or partial)

This is a massage technique whereby you will notice the accuracy of the 3D massage rollers. The entire muscle area running alongside your spine will be massaged in an up-down direction by the massage roller which will push your back, relaxing it.

Physical therapy over 12 comfortable point

Fill the body with a sense of euphoria


The liver and absent wind relieves, has a detoxifying effect; Recommended for headaches and teeth.


Disperse wind and makes clear the heart, the active side, reduces swelling; It can relieve cervical spondylosis, stiff neck.


Peeled tendons and active pledges, the regulation of chi and swelling can alleviate glenohumeral periarthritis, shoulder and arm pain.


Relieves chest congestion, regulates chi, active side and soothe the nerves, supports the heart.


Soothes liver and bile, regulates and strengthens Chi and vision, supports the liver.


Invigorates the kidney and supports Yang, strengthens the size and helps water retention, supports the kidneys.


Calms the mind, regulates chi and relieves pain, helps convalescent heart, supports the heart.


Clensing the heart and improves the vision, regulates the stomach, shoulders and arms, dyspepsia, ulcers in the mouth, toothache, cold, gastrointestinal system adapted, etc.


Drena tendons and active side, strengthening the spleen and stomach, help in case of hepatitis, enteritis, bronchitis, nephritis etc. Kunlun POINT Calms the nerves and brightens the heart, the tendons and the active side, suitable for sciatica nerve pain, arthritis of the knee, ankle sprains dredge, and so on.


Nourishes the yin and softens the kidney, liver calm, scattered wind, useful in cases of insomnia, nervous headaches, myocarditis, etc.

Technical Specifications and Features
Full back massage Yes
Reclining backrest Yes. Power backrest.
Leg rest Reclining and extensible power leg rest
Massage rollers 3D, 2015-design
Buttock massage Yes, with air bags
Pelvic area massage Yes, with air bags
Calf massage Yes, with air bags
Sole massage (reflex therapy) With rollers and air bags
Remote control Yes.
Upholstery Ecological, antibacterial leather.
Weight of chair (kg) 130 kg
Maximum user weight unlimited
Power supply 220 - 230V

Other available colors for this massage chair

The chair comes in other colors, too. Depending on your space and décor, you can choose the color that best fits your tastes.

You can choose from a range of 5 colors available for the iRest A86-1massage chair: cream, beige, red, grey, black, brown.

You can use your iPhone or iPad to control the massage.

It is now possible to use your phone or tablet to control the massage. The iRest A86-1 is the only massage chair that can also be controlled from a smart device, by using the free application launched by the manufacturer.

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