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iRest SL-D24
iRest SL D4 is a luxurious ultra-thin iRest dual-purpose massage cushion; It performs kneading and massages in varying intensities and speeds. This massage cushion can be utilized pleasantly and conveniently at home, work, or transportation.
iRest SL C30 A
iRest SL AC30 A is a delightful foot and calf massager. It runs at three different speeds and gets propelled by built-in sole rollers with a heating feature.

iRest India Products - Essential Question and Answers

iRest massage chair company manufactures World-class zero gravity massage chairs and massage products. Brand iRest is the most Trusted and Preferred Luxury Brand in more than 100 nations worldwide



It provides effective back, waist, stretch, comfort and zero gravity massages—excellent heating that warms the lower back and waist but not much of the upper back. A body scan ensures that one receives the finest massage. It is Completely worthwhile.

The massage macine chairs and other massage goods offered by iRest are based on Korean technology and designed in renowned research facilities in the United States of America.
Manufacturing is undertaken at Irest plants located in various parts of the globe

Brand iRest is the most Trusted and Preferred Luxury Massage products Brand in more than 100 nations worldwide

iRest chairs – namely SL A 710 4 D and iRest SLA 100 are among the top selling electric massagers worldwide. IRest Massage Chair prices in india are affordable, and our Body massage chairs are Simple, Comfortable, Intelligent, and just what You require

All Irest products meet European and American certification standards and are recognized globally for their sturdiness, ease of use, and functionality. irest products and services are sold in more than 100 countries worldwide


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