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full body Massage Chair - IRest SL A 100 3D
Luxury Series - Massage Recliner Chair

iRest SL A 100 3D Massage Recliner Chair is a Luxury series electric massager incorporating cutting-edge innovations and extra-large space. This Full Body Massage Chair is delightful, highly comfortable, and among the most preferred and the Best massage chair in India

iRest SL A100 Massage Chair
iRest SL A100 Massage Chair

Luxury Series - Full Body Massage Chair - iRest SL A 100 3D

23 Automatic Massage Programs + 3 Memory Slots

iRest SL A 100 3D massage recliner chair india – is one of the most popular massage machine in India

Eight One Key Automatic Massage Programs

Swift Mode

Swift mode offers an immersive massage experience lasting 20 minutes with adjustable massage speeds, techniques, and intensity. This mode assists in reducing stress, enhancing blood flow, and reviving the human body.

Comfort Mode

In Comfort mode, your entire body will receive a full, authentic air pressure massage from your neck to your spine and your fingers to your fingertips.

Relaxed Mode

Kneading and different air pressure massage are available in the relaxed mode. Ai zero gravity massage chair has the feel of a real person's touch, uplifts your mood, and effectively eases stress and fatigue.

Fatigue Recovery Mode

Relax with an intelligent, 3D Luxury massage chair that combines various massage Programs and patented massage technologies that provide unique multi-dimensional massages.

Pain Recovery Mode

Pain recovery Massage is an advanced scraping Massage Treatment. Ai zero gravity massage chair will stretch back muscles and loosens muscles and bones to relieve pain and stiffness.

Waist Stretch Mode

Filling and deflating an Intelligent electric Massage airbag on the back can cause a person's waist to swing to the left and right. This complex Ai-driven movement offers a unique massage experience.

Knee Protection Mode

This irest massage chair reclines to zero gravity position intelligently detecting the position of the knee to deliver an air squeeze massage or a clockwise and a counterclockwise shiatsu massage.

Full Air Pressure Mode

This mode Focuses on the Full Body airbag massage to achieve the state of maximum relaxation and deep comfortable massage.

23 Features & Functions

3 Memory Modes

Air Pressure Adjustable

Arm Air Bag


Artificial Intelligence


Auto Modes

Back Carbon Fibre Heater

Buttock Airbag

Calf Airbag

Calf Kneading

Foot Extend-Retract

Voice Command


Multiple Positions Massage


Negative Oxygen Ion

Quick Buttons On Armrest

Sole Airbag & roller

Sore Airbag & Guasha

Speed Adjustable

Usb Ports

Waist Stretch

Width Adjustable On Back

Zero Gravity

Zero Space

Product Reviews
The Irest SL-A 100 Massage recliner chair is a great massager, Everyone in the family uses it a lot, and I bought it on a whim. However, a real person would be more friendly, but the back massage it gives still is lovely, and I also enjoy the calibrated twisting and rolling of the rollers across the back, feet and arms. 
This massage recliner chair price in india is at par with the one I owned in Michigan, and the Asian massage machine they supplied is almost similar to the American counterpart I own.

My wife purchased the iRest SL A 100 masage recliner chair for my birthday; it is a divine product – It’s the best massager in india. It’s so comfy and relieves all pain points from my back to my legs. I also enjoy the heating and reclining feature on this massage recliner chair, and this 3D massage recliner chair looks very classy and elegant in our living room

During covid, we learnt about the importance of health and well-being.
I bought an iRest A100 Electric massager; This massager packs a heavy punch. It is comfortable and reliable for massages and amazing stretches. We use it daily, and so far, it hasn’t stopped or shown any requirement for service or support. 
I Strongly Recommend this electric massage recliner chair. 
Twenty years ago, an accident destroyed my back, causing frequent lower back pain, and my doctor advised me to undertake regular massages. 
Since then, I have been using irest India massage recliner chairs for more than 15 years, and I love all their products. This is the third massager I am buying, and I am looking forward to it. Their service is outstanding; they answer all my questions, are very helpful, and offer the best full body massage chair price in India. 
Currently, I have upgraded to the luxurious iRest SL A 100 Massage recliner chair, the best-selling global massager

Due to my fibromyalgia, I have found it difficult to stand up again. My body aches terribly as my fibromyalgia flares up.


Thank the management of iRest India for their assistance and discounts offered to buy iRest SL A 100 Massage recliner Chair. Their products have enabled me to live a better life, and iRest SL A 100 is the best massage chair in the world

A back massage chair feels lovely. Airbags on the shoulders and legs keep you immobile in place. Shiatsu massage chair settings for kneading, banging, clapping, and more. Regarding feet and arms, they use rollers and airbags; a combination of both tandemly working together helps with the massage. 
The back massages are adequate; they are effective. A manual mode allows you to choose the back massage out of the available therapies.  
My iRest SL A 100 massager, a massage recliner chair, is pure value for money. This robotic massager costs a little more than the classic series of massagers, but this chair is the best massage chair in delhi or, let me say, the best massage chair to buy.
The product iRest SL A 100 Massage recliner Chair has great luxury looks. It’s loaded with options, the massage feels fantastic, and the Vibrators and hot air makes it all the more luxurious—a good one. Worth spending.
Finally, the management is well-trained professionals ready to comply with your request.
IRest SL A 100 Massage Chair Zero Gravity

Salient Features of iRest SL A 100 Full Body Massage Recliner Chair in India 


iRest SL A 100 is the best massager in india. The salient features of iRest SL A 100 are as listed below.


  1. Latest Ai Massage Technologies
  2. Advanced 3D Massage Mechanism
  3. Full Body Auto Scan 
  4. 23 Automatic Massage programs
  5. Deep Tissue Massages
  6. Independent motors
  7. 15 massage techniques
  8. leg kneading
  9. Extensible foot support
  10. Reflexology & acupressure
  11. Therapeutic Back heating
  12. Voice control App
  13. Zero Gravity massage 
  14. Zero Space
  15. Bluetooth Music
  16. USB charging
Irest massage chair Body Scan


iRest SL A 100 Full body – Massage Recliner Chair 


3D Body Scan System with extra long SL Shape Rail Configuration


iRest SL A 100 3D electric massager will scan one or more basic parameters of human bodies like height, weight, pulse, oxygen levels, seating position, leg length, comfort, and body strength when turned on, The Intelligent Ai reclining massager will detect the width of the body across and up and down from the neck to the lower back and modifies the massage programs in accordance.

IRest SL A 100 Massage Chair Zero Gravity


iRest SL A 100 Full body – Massage Recliner Chair 


 Zero Gravity and Zero Space with Intelligent Voice Control


iRest SLA 100 3D Body Massager has three zero-gravity adjustment angles. When reclined, the AI zero gravity Massage Chair gets into a luxury zero-gravity massage position; the human Body weight gets evenly distributed with the pressure on the spine and each joint being reduced to achieve complete relaxation.


The Massager has a Comfortable S and L Curve of 53.15″ inches, an extended rail track system, and a massaging chair that is 50% larger than the S track. The S-shaped guide rail deeply fits the human spine curve; the L-shaped guide rails extend the massager area from the neck to the thighs, and this Luxury Ai full-body massager occupies zero space from your living room walls.


This massager can be operated Via Voice Command

iRest SL A100 Massage Chair


iRest SL A 100 Full body – Massage Recliner Chair 


Comfortable Air Pressure Massage with advanced Rollers


The iRest SL A 100 3D Massager delivers a delicate and soft full-body air pressure massage on the shoulder, waist, calf, and feet regions, enhancing blood circulation, calming the muscles and joints, and removing fatigue. Progression airbags are multi-layered and can conduct variable deep massages on the strengths and acupoints, providing Professional Therapeutic Professional 3D Massages.


Air Pressure Massage

The air cushions of this Advanced electric massage chair- massage the arms, shoulders, back, hips, and legs to provide the best zero gravity massage chair experience.


They all work together with Intelligent Massage Rollers so that when you get up from your chair following a massage that has increased your energy level to 100%, you do so with fresh vigour.


Therapeutic Heating

This massage reclining chair with a Therapeutic heating feature can boost the massage’s effectiveness by easing muscle tension, enlarging blood vessels, and improving peripheral circulation. Even during the colder months, it offers more comfort and makes the experience more pleasant. Your sleep quality is improved by 70% as a result.


 iRest SL A 100 3D patented Electric 3D Mechanism 


Full-body airbag surrounding 3D massage is offered by the iRest SL A 100 3D Massager. The shoulder, waist, seat, calf, and foot can receive adjustable air pressure massage from Dual soft airbags.


Modern artificial intelligence – (AI) technology combined with a 3D body scan system will measure, collect, and analyze data to create intelligent massage chair programmes tailored to your body type. Advanced airbags are multi-layer ones that conduct weak, solid, or variable deep massage on the muscles and acupoints.

iRest -intelliget hands


iRest SL A 100 Full body – Massage Recliner Chair 


Intelligent Mechanical Massage Chair Hand


The iRest SL A 100 3D Luxury Massager has soft quad-type 3D rollers; these intelligent mechanical massage hands simulate the feel of a human thumb. It may change the massage roller’s height, width, and depth before giving the neck, shoulders, back, and leg regions a flexible acupoints massage. It mimics how a natural human hand might feel.

ISPL SL A 100 Massage Chair SL CURVE


iRest SL A 100 3d Massage Recliner chair – Sl Curved System


The iRest SL A 100 Luxury Massager uses a super long “SL” shape space curved rail technology; the massage distance is 135 cm. It allows you to enjoy a personalised massage from head to toe and maintains the “S” curve of the vertebrae in the human spine, which relaxes the spine and eases tense muscles.

iRest SL A 321Massage Chair

Feet and Calves Massage Function​

Your feet's bottoms are massaged by kneading reflexology rollers, tension is relieved by air compression massage, and full calves are kneaded and squeezed by airbag up-and-down movements, creating a far richer AI massage experience.

iRest SL A 321Massage Chair

Foot Roller Masssage

iRest SL A 321Massage Chair

Leg Extension Function

iRest India Massage Chairss
iRest India Massage Chairss
ISPL 639-3D Massage Chair

Refloxology & Accupresure

iRest SL A100 Massage Chair

Bluetooth Audio

iRest SL A100 Massage Chair

LED Touch Screen

iRest SL A100 Massage Chair

Quick Access Controls

iRest SL A100 Massage Chair

Complete Foot Massage

iRest SL A100 Massage Chair

USB & Mobile Holder

Strict Inspection ensures Reliable Quality


5 major categories and over 169 quality inspection procedures to produce iRest Massage Chairs


iRest SL A 100 3D  Ai Body Massage Chair


Product Dimensions : 

iRest SL A100 Massage Chair
iRest SL A100 Massage Chair ZG

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