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Home Massage chair - iRest SL A 321 3D
Classic series massager

iRest SL A 321 3D is an entry-level Electric body massager featuring Latest Technologies from Brand iRest. This massager features Cutting edge technologies. It can provide a variety of massages and is built strong, making it an ideal product to use at home or the office

iRest SLA 321-2D Massage Chair
iRest SLA 321-2D Massage Chair

IRest SL A 321 3D - Home Massage Chair


8 Automatic Massage Programs + 3 Memory Slots



iRest SL A 321 3D Home Massage Chair comes with Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithms, its combinations of Complex Massage Techniques translate it into a High value entry-level Professional massager.

Eight One Touch Automatic Programs

Back & Waist Massage

Focus on the Back & Waist Massage

Relaxing Massage

Gentle and comfortable deep massage to relieve your Body fatigue

Shoulder & Neck Massage

Focus on Shoulder & Neck Massage

Full Body Massage

Deep Massage to Rejunivate your body

Traction Massage

Move your Body Parts Up and down through the Leg rest and the Back rest

Protection of Vertibral Massage

Focus On Chiropractic Massage and Relax your Body and Mind

Comfortable Massage

The Most Comfortable Massage Experience

Full Air Pressure

Focus on the full body airbag massage to achieve full relaxation and deep massage of the body

Best home Massage Chair - iRest SL A 321 3D

Features and Functions

8 Automatic Massages

Soft 3D Massage Mechanism

Automatic Body Recognition & Scanning

Reflexology & Acupressure

Dual Level Zero Gravity

Bluetooth & Music

Extendable Leg support

Zero Space


3D Stereoscopic Massage

Therapeutic Heating

Ergonomic L Frame

Forward Sliding Function

Full Body Air Massage

Complete Massage System

Leg Length Adjustment

Voice Command

Product Reviews

After a long day out, everyone deserves total relaxation in the comfort of home. But only a few of us can afford to have it as full body massage chair in India, they are expensive as the product is not manufactured n India. 
I thank irest India for suggesting SL A 321 3d. It is a beautiful massage machine chair in India. The massage chair low price – it was desirable and affordable, and I bought it Immediately as I knew irest was a leading massage equipment manufacturer worldwide. 
The chair is lovely, and I recommend people buy it without a second thought.

This Massage Sofa is so comfortable; Its dual massage mechanism can reach all spots and provide excellent massages. The eight automatic-massage programs make it an all-rounder. With such a fantastic product, every part of the body can enjoy the best massage experience.

My entire body has been adequately massaged when using iRest. I no longer have any muscle pain! My favorite purchase of 2022 for this price is, without a doubt, worthwhile.

Buy massage chair. It can change your life forever. Just type massage chair price india or speak to iRest India; they have regular promotions

It feels excellent on this massager when the airbags inflate and deflate, the rollers roll up and down and swing with the preset programs, and the heat therapy all pairs up together. I can’t explain in words; you need to experience this simple luxury of life. Everyone can now afford a massager, and I recommend people who can afford not to miss this everyday experience

We wanted to use it every night before we went to sleep, so the crew deserves praise for setting it up for us and moving it right next to the bed. We use it daily and are satisfied with our first Body massager.
ISPL Massage Chair
ISPL Massage Chair


iRest SL A 321 3D Home Massage chair – Salient Features


iRest SL A 321 3D Full Body massage chair incorporates the latest cutting-edge innovations and ample seating Space; this Home Massage chair is a pleasant and comfortable entry-level massager 


This Home Massage Chair is equipped with the following Functions and Features.


  1. Latest 3D Ai Zero Gravity Massage chair Technology
  2. Advanced 3D Massage Mechanisms
  3. Advanced Automatic Body Scan  
  4. 23 Automatic One Touch Massage programs
  5. Unique Full Body Massages
  6. Independent motors
  7. 15 massage techniques
  8. leg kneading
  9. Extendable foot support
  10. Reflexology & acupressure Massages 
  11. Unique Therapeutic Back heating
  12. Voice Control
  13. Zero Space 
  14. Bluetooth Music
  15. USB Charging
Irest massage chair Body Scan

iRest SL A 321 3D Home Massage chair


Advanced Body Scanning System with extended L shape Rail configuration


Your body’s height, weight, and spine are all measured by the auto body scan feature on the iRest SL A 321 3D zero gravity Massager. Your neck, back, waist, and other body parts will be massaged properly by the electrical massage equipment. The Massager will create a personal and relaxing massage based on body type and weight using data and AI.

iRest SL A 321 Massage Chair


iRest SLA 321 3D Home Massage Chair 


Zero Gravity, Zero Space and Intelligent Voice Control Functions


3D Full Body Massager. The Ai Full Body home Massage chair reclines to a pleasant zero-gravity posture, distributing human body weight evenly and reducing pressure on the spine and all joints to promote total relaxation.


The Massager offers a more excellent massaging surface than the S track, a more extended rail track system, and comfortable S and L curves. The L-shaped guide rails expand the massage area from the neck to the thighs, and the S-shaped guide rail closely mimics the human spine’s natural curve. This top-selling Ai full-body massager requires no space from the walls of your living room, and Voice Command can control it.

ISPL Massage Chair


iRest 321 3D – Home Massage Chair – Fast Reversing Technology 


Fast Reversing Technology, incorporated into the iRest SL A 321 3D Home Massage Chair, adds the functions of finger kneading and back rubbing functions, enabling more exquisite and comfortable massage manipulation than is possible with hand massage alone.



iRest Sl A 321 3D – Home Massage Chair – 3D Mechanism


iRest SL A 321 3D is the Best Massage chair . This home massage chair incorporates 3D+ technology that provides full-body airbag massages to improve blood flow, relax the muscles and joints, and relieve fatigue. The dual soft airbag applies gentle air pressure massage to the shoulder, waist, seat, calf, and foot.

iRest -intelliget hands


iRest SL A 321 3D Home Massage Chair – Intelligent Mechanical Massage Hands 


iRest SL A 321 3D Home Massage Chairs are equipped with soft quad style 3D rollers-these intelligent mechanical massage hands mimic the feel of the human thumb. It could adjust the height, width, and depth of the massage rollers and then provides flexible acupoints massage for the neck, shoulders, back, and leg areas replicating real human hands.

iRest SL A 321Massage Chair

Feet and Calves Massage

As the kneading reflexology rollers work on the bottoms of your feet, the air compression massage will squeeze away tension; meanwhile, full calves are kneaded and squeezed by up-and-down movements of the airbags, which generates a much deeper massage.

iRest SL A 321Massage Chair

Foot Roller Massage

iRest SL A 321Massage Chair

Leg Extension Function

iRest Massage Chair

Bluetooth Audio

ISPL 639-3D Massage Chair

Refloxology & Accupresure

iRest Massage Chair

LCD Controller

iRest Massage Chair

Quick Access Controls

iRest Massage Chair

USB Charger

iRest Massage Chair

Voice Command

iRest SL A 321 Massage Chair


iRest SL A 321 3D Home Massage Chair 

 Air Pressure Massage and Therapeutic Back Heating system

The shoulder, waist, calf, and foot regions of the iRest SL A 321 3D home Massage chair receive a gentle and soft full-body air pressure massage that encourages blood circulation, soothes the muscles and joints and relieves fatigue.


Modern airbags have multiple layers and can do different deep massages on the body’s points of strength and insight, providing professional therapeutic massages.


Air Pressure Massage


This Ai zero-gravity Massager is designed to offer you the finest 3D massages. The air cushions of this Advanced electric massage chair compress the arms, shoulders, back, hips, and legs. They all function in tandem with Intelligent Massage Rollers. You get up from your chair with renewed energy, After receiving a renewal massage, increasing your energy level to 100%


Therapeutic Heating


The heating element enhances the massage’s efficacy by lowering muscle tension, enlarging blood vessels, and improving peripheral circulation. Even during the colder months, it offers more comfort and makes the experience more pleasant. Your sleep quality is improved by 70% as a result.

iRest India Massage Chairss

Strict inspection of Home Massage Chairs ensures Reliable Quality.


These Best Selling home Massage Chairs in India are produced under strict production standards. There are five significant categories over 169 quality inspection procedures for manufacturing Good Quality Massagers.


iRest SL A 321 3D Home Massage Chair : – Product Specifications

iRest Massage Chair
iRest SL A 321Massage Chair

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