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iRest SL A 710 4D-Ultra Luxury Massage Chair

The iRest SL A 710 4D Ultra-Luxury Full Body Massage Chair features modern technology and comfortable seating. This zero-gravity massage chair is incredibly cozy and adaptable. 4D massage chairs can deliver multi-angle, intelligent full body massages from all directions.

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massage chair price in India

iRest SLA 710 Massage Chair Banner
iRest SLA 710 Massage Chair Banner

Massage Chair - iRest SL A 710 4D Ultra Luxury Series


23 Automatic Massage Programs + 3 Memory Slots


iRest SL A 710 4D Ultra Luxury massage machine chair is among the Best massage chairs in India. Following are the listed Features and functions of this massage machine 

Massage Chair Price in India

Eight One Key Automatic Massage Programs


Discover iRest SL A 710 4D Full Body Massager with Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning, a mix of Patented Technologies that change this massage machine chair into an Intelligent Premium massage chair. Following are the eight one-key functions available on this massage machine

Swift Mode

Swift mode: Get 20 minutes of variable speed and intensity Body Massage with improvised blood Flow, Relaxation, and re-energized Human Body.

Comfort Mode

Comfort mode: From your neck to your spine, arms to your fingertip, a complete authentic air pressure massage will give you an unmatched massage experience.

Relaxed Mode

Relaxed Mode offers kneading and variable air pressure massage, which makes you feel good and effectively relieves tension and fatigue.

Fatigue Recovery Mode

Receive special multi-dimensional massage with the aid of an intelligent 3D Luxury massager that combines a variety of massage programs and cutting-edge massage technologies to remove Body fatigue

Pain Recovery Mode

Pain recovery mode: To relieve pain and stiffness, the electric massager will stretch your back muscles and release your joints and muscles. They will additionally provide scrape massages to relieve pain.

Waist Stretch Mode

In waist stretch mode, The Intelligent massager airbags on the back inflate and deflate, causing the person's waist to swing to the left and right. This sophisticated Ai-driven movement provides a distinctive massages

Knee Protection Mode

The massager reclines to zero gravity and uses clever knee-position detection to offer an air-squeeze massage or a clockwise and counterclockwise shiatsu massage.

Full Air Pressure Mode

This Mode focuses on a deep, soothing massage of the body to relieve physical pain and weariness, as well as a full-body airbag massage to achieve the highest level of relaxation.

Features and Functions

3 Memory Modes

Air Pressure Adjustable

Arm Air Bag


Artificial Intelligence


Auto Modes

Back Carbon Fibre Heater

Buttock Airbag

Calf Airbag

Calf Kneading

Foot Extend-Retract

Voice Command

Multiple Positions Massage


Negative Oxygen Ion

Quick Buttons On Armrest


Sole Airbag & roller

Sore Airbag & Guasha

Speed Adjustable

Wireless Charging

Waist Stretch

Width Adjustable

Zero Gravity

Zero Space

Product Reviews


 iRest SL A 710 Great product!

I love the zero gravity massage chair price in India, and I’m pleased with how iRest handled the sales and delivery of my loved massager. I used to suffer from back and lower back pains, but the irest 4D massager is my go-to and always helps alleviate my pain. I’m pleased I can now get a massage anytime in the comfort of my home.

I have severe back issues, and this chair has been an enormous help. It’s not cheap, and I consider myself blessed that I can afford it. It alters everything.
This luxury massage chair price in India is at par with international markets; importing a massager would have been more expensive than purchasing the irest chair available in India.  
Excellent Massager – iRest SL A 710  -We will purchase a second one!
My joint and back pain is relieved by the iRest chair! We will buy a second one because we need one in our home and use it daily!
We love the customizable features. It’s like sitting in a luxury car, but it’s not that expensive – the massage chair price in india is at par with global pricing for the same chair, and I recommend iRest massagers to anyone planning to purchase them. 
Satisfaction with the iRest SLA 710 Massager 
I bought this iRest SLA 710  in November 2020. Since then, my husband and I have been using it daily. This body massager was a retirement gift to ourselves. We are delighted with this gift.
Best Purchase during Covid 
The chair was one of the best purchases I’ve made during Covid, and I bought it a few months ago. The massage this chair provides astounds everyone who sits on it. Most people picture massage chairs like those found at malls or saloons, but this one is far superior. I’ve already had two friends who bought the massager.
iRest SL A 710 4D is what I’m utilizing. It includes top-notch programs and excellent availability to apply different massage sorts and target particular locations. I always use it and will keep using it. The massage chair price in India is quite good, and Irest India is trustworthy.
Pain Free Healthy Living
I adore it! For pain-free lumber, I use it several times per day. I recommend iRest India because of their excellent customer service. But I do have a suggestion for Irest. As it stands, you need to include more one-touch programs to make it simpler to explore and alter the settings to my taste.
Regarding price – irest massage chair price in India is very competitive. I believe that nothing is more than health and well-being, so I would instead focus on quality than price as a factor to purchase 
Product quality is top-notch, and I have received the best massage chair price in India.
All my family members agree that it is worthwhile to invest in because we use it every day. My father, who is retired permanently, like to rest in that chair – sometimes, he prefers to sleep on the massage machine as it’s cozy, soft, and very comfortable.
ISPL Massage Chair
ISPL Massage Chair
iRest SL A 710 Massage Chair


iRest SL A 710 4D – Ultra Luxury series – Full Body Massager – Salient Features

  1. Latest 4D Massage Technology
  2. Advanced 3D Massage Mechanism
  3. Full Body Auto Scan 
  4. 23 Automatic Massage programs
  5. Deep Tissue Massages
  6. Independent motors
  7. 15 massage techniques
  8. leg kneading Function with Extendable foot support
  9. Reflexology & acupressure
  10. Carbon fiber therapeutic Back heating
  11. Voice Control
  12. Zero Gravity Massage Chair
  13. Zero Space
  14. Bluetooth Music
  15. USB charging

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iRest SL A 710 Massage chair


iRest SL A 710 4D -Ultra Luxury Series- 4D Massage System


The iRest SL A 710 4D Zero Gravity Massager offers a novel experience thanks to cutting-edge Research and development of a 4D full body massage roller mechanism with a 20% increased back massage range.


The advanced roller system has a 12 cm telescopic movement. This Intelligent massager senses the width of the body across, up, and down from the neck to the lower back, alters the massage in response, and effectively massages the entire body to provide the best possible massage.


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AI Automatic Body Scan System

iRst SL A 710 Massage Chair

Massage Chair Body Scanning System

This irest Chair incorporates full-body 4D scanning technology. The massage is limited to your body length and type because the scanners can detect your height. The 3D or 4D body scanning technologies in iRest therapeutic massagers show that the scanning technology is more advanced and recognizes subtle body form and size variances.

iRest SL A 710 Massage chair


 Zero Gravity and Zero Space with Intelligent Voice Control


The Ai Full Body Massager reclines into a pleasant zero-gravity bed position, distributing human body weight uniformly and reducing strain on the spine and each joint to induce complete relaxation.


The advanced massager is 50% larger than the S track massager and has a comfortable S and L Curve with a more comprehensive rail track technology. The L-shaped guide rails expand the massage area from the neck to the thighs, and the S-shaped guide rail closely mimics the human spine’s natural curve.


The Luxury Ai full-body massager requires no space away from the walls of your living room. Voice Command can be used to operate this massager.


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iRst SL A 710 Massage Chair

iRest SL A 710 4D – Yoga Stretch Function


iRest SL A 710 is designed to integrate various massage techniques and programs to offer a complete massage experience; yoga stretch is the derivation of an Ancient Indian Massage technique for the overall well-being of a human being. It stretches the back muscles, releases joints, and relieves pain, stiffness, and Body Fatigue.


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iRest SL A 710 Massage Chair

Comfortable Air Pressure Massage Chair with advanced Rollers


The iRest SL A 710 4D Ultra-Luxury Massager offers three zero gravity massage positions with the push of a button for excellent relaxation and exceptional treatment with a broader range and more personalized massage. The shoulder, waist, calf, and foot regions of the iRest SL A 710 4D Ultra Luxury Massager receive a gentle and soft full-body air pressure massage that stimulates blood circulation, relaxes the muscles and joints, and helps get rid of Fatigue. Contemporary airbags have multiple layers and can perform various deep massages on the strengths and acupoints, providing Professional Therapeutic Massage.


Air Pressure Massage


These AI full body Massagers are designed to provide the best possible massage. The air cushions of this Advanced electric massage chair, which operate in combination with Intelligent Massage chair Rollers, compress the arms, shoulders, back, hips, and legs. After getting a massage, your energy level will return to  100%.


Therapeutic Heating


This iRest massager’s heating feature boosts the efficiency of the massage by lowering muscle tension, enlarging blood vessels, and improving peripheral circulation. Even during the colder months, it offers more comfort and makes the experience more pleasant. Your sleep quality is improved by 70% as a result.


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iRest SL A 710 Massage Chair

Multiple Massage functions for legs & feet

LEd screen


iRest -intelliget hands


iRest SL A 710 4D Ai – Intelligent Mechanical Massage Hands 


iRest SL A 710 4D massagers are equipped with soft quad style 3D rollers-these intelligent mechanical massage hands mimic the feel of the human thumb. It offers adaptable acupoint massage for the neck, shoulders, back, and leg areas after allowing the massage roller’s height, width, and depth to be adjusted. It mimics how a human hand might feel in the real world.


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Refurbished massage chair under 10000

iRest India Massage Chairss

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Bluetooth audio

Bluetooth Audio

Quick access Button

Quick Acess Buttons

wireless charging

Wireless Charging

Massage chair Price in India

irest SL A 710
iRest SLA 710 Massage chair Dimensions

Question and Answers

iRest massage chair price in india cost between 100,000.00 Inr to 500,000.00 Inr

yes regular massages help improve blood circulation , immunity, sleep . and draing of lymphatic glands 

The only significant difference between 4D and 3D massage is that the user has far more control over the intensity and rhythm of the massage. 4D chairs frequently allow for extra strength adjustments in addition to roller speed adjustments and buttock massage 

iRest chairs sell in more than 100 countries worldwide, and they are recognized for comfort, luxury, sturdiness, and ease of use

iRest SL A  710 4D is available in 4 colours in India, however it depend o availibility of stock with our super stockist 

iRest  and osim are available globally in many countries 

A daily massage of 20 minutes is recommended for healthy wellbeing

Zero gravity helps distribute the body weight effectively across the electric massager, helping the advanced massage machine chair to perform a qualitative body massage

Electric massagers are primarily designed for customized massages in the comfort of your living room

iRest massage chairs in india cost between 100,000.00 Inr to 500,000.00 Inr

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