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ISPL 639 3D Premium Series Massage Chair

ISPL 639 3D Ai is a stylish and robust  3D Body massager. This premium massager incorporates most modern luxury massagers’ latest features and functions. 
This massage chair price is economical, and the massager is aimed at meeting the demanding needs of modern clientele seeking the best features in massager and a true value-for-money proposition.

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ISPL 639-3D Massage Chair
ISPL 639-3D Massage Chair

ISPL 639 3D - Premium Series Massage Chair


15 Automatic Massage Chair Programs + 3 Memory Slots


ISPL 639 3D is an intelligent full Body massage chair; This Premium series automatic massagers are among the best massage chairs in india. This Premium series massage chair price has been reduced under corporate promotions available on www.irestindia.in





ISPL 639 3D Premium Series Body Massager features Advanced Artificial Intelligence designed to provide comfortable Professional Massages. Discover the Best massage chair in india and explore one touch massage programs that best suit your Need


Master Choice

CEO Comfort

Waist Care

Queen Special

Senior Priority

Health Recharge

Pain Relief

Full Body Stretch

Hip Shaping

Neck & Shoulder

Lady Mode

Fatigue Recover

Worker Mode

Easy Sleep

Cybrarian Mode


ISPL 639 3D Automatic Massager (Verion 2022) : Features and Functions


ISPL 639 3D Premium Series Automatic Massager features Advanced Artificial Intelligence with various Functions and Massage Programs designed to provide comfortable and Custom Professional Massage. The following are listed features available on this massager.

15 Automatic Massages

Soft 3D Massage Mechanism

Automatic Body Recognition & Scanning

Reflexology & Acupressure

Dual Level Zero Gravity

Bluetooth & Music

SL Type Rail

Zero Space

Therapeutic Heating


3D Stereoscopic Massage

USB Port Charger

Forward Sliding Function

Full Body Air Massage

Complete Massage System

Extendabble Leg Support

Calf Script

Full Body Air Pressure Massage

Quick Access Buttons

Calf Kneading

Multiple Position Massage

ISPl 639 3D - Product Reviews

Incredible chair Because I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something that wasn’t outstanding, I was hesitant to get it and concerned it would only be an “OK” chair. However, it is AMAZING. My wife suffers from fibromyalgia, and I suffer from back discomfort. Every day, the muscles in my back getting tighter.
Even after only five minutes on this chair, I feel much more at ease getting up and doing things, even walking normally. This chair calms and loosens my strengths. The massage chair price and service they offered were the actual value for money. 
I’ve been researching these massagers for a while – I ordered this model when it went on sale. 
I did get a personal update when my order was delayed. Shipping was late, but it finally arrived in about four days. The massager is fantastic; it works smoothly and looks elegant and stylish. 
My family loves it, and the massage chair price they offered during the sale was incredible.
The ISPL 639 3D is a good massager, but be aware that it can press somewhat hard into the upper back region. Although you can decrease the intensity, the upper back muscles are worked. It also has an excellent kneading neck feature.
Regarding massage chair prices or promotions – I would say don’t wait for sales or discounts, as nothing is more valuable than your health and well being 
The ISPL 639 3D performs MORE than promised. Yes, you can return to zero gravity. However, the computer programs will adapt during the massage and move you back and forth. You’re retracted. Then it rotates down your back and backward; it is AMAZING.
Regarding the Massage Chair price – I’m curious why I missed this luxury for so many years. Thankyou Irest India for this great product and, of course, good service too 
I enjoy how it squeezes your calves and arms. I was unsure of how the “Stretch” auto-program would stretch you. It slightly twists your back, lifts your legs, inflates the calf cushions to “grip” your legs, lowers them, rotates them back, and stretches the upper muscles in your hips and legs. I LOVE IT!
Regarding the Massage Chair price, we have no complaints 
One Advice : Dont fall prey for advertisements saying massage chair under 10000, 50000 or 75000.  They will either be refurbished or fixed roller massagers 


ISPL Massage Chair
ISPL Massage Chair

 ISPL 639 3D Massager – Salient Features


Innovative features and plenty of room are included in the ISPL 639 3D. this automatic electric massager is recognised as one of the Best massage chairs in India.  


ISPL-639 3D Premium Series Massager is equipped with the Following Features.


    1. Latest 3D Ai Massage Technologies
    2. Advanced 3D Massage Mechanism
    3. Full Body Auto Scan  
    4. 15 Automatic massage programs
    5. Deep Therapy Massages
    6. Independent motors
    7. 15 types of massage techniques
    8. leg kneading
    9. Extensible foot support
    10. Reflexology & acupressure
    11. Therapeutic Back heating
    12. Voice Control 
    13. Zero Gravity Massage Chair 
    14. Zero Space
    15. Bluetooth Music
    16. USB charging


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Irest massage chair Body Scan


Body Scanning System – ISPL 639 3D Premium series Massager


Advanced 3D scanning technology, an extended SL form rail design, and a revolutionary massaging mechanism are all included in the ISPL 639 3D 

The electric whole Body massager offers massages of varying intensities on the neck, shoulder, back, waist, and buttocks. 


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3D Technology: ISPL 639 3D 


ISPL 639 3D Premium series Body massager deploys the latest technological advancements in 3 D+ massage technologies, the massager deploys a variable palm airbag technique that uses gentle air pressure massage on the shoulder, waist, seat, calf, and foot to promote blood circulation, helps relax the muscles, joints and relieve body fatigue, Progressive airbags are multi-layered. They conduct Variable deep 3D massages on the muscles and acupoints to offer a Comfortable Professional massage Experience. 


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ISPL 639-3D Massage Chair


ISPL 639 3D: Zero Gravity & Intelligent Voice Control


The ISPL 639 3D massager provides the best massages in a weightless environment. Its intelligent palm airbags use AI-driven rollers and variable-intensity air pressure massages to offer a great massage experience.

This electric massager works with Voice commands.


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ISPL 639-3D Massage Chair


ISPL 639 3D: Extendable Leg Support System


Based on sophisticated AI assessment of your body height and weight, the ISPL 639 3D has adjustable leg support to satisfy your critical massage comfort needs. This Advanced Massage Feature lets you comfortably relax while receiving a professional massage.


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ISPL 639-3D Massage Chair


ISPL 639 3D: Comfortable Airbags massage and Heating Systems


With its variable intensity air pressure massage, the ISPL 639 3D Massager enhances blood circulation, soothes joints and muscles, and relieves weariness. Modern airbags have multiple layers and may massage the muscles and acupoints in various ways, providing professional therapeutic massages.


Air Pressure Massage


You will receive the best zero-gravity massage from this electric massager. The air cushions compress the arms, shoulders, back, hips, and legs at various frequencies; they work with intelligent massage rollers to give you a rejuvenating massage that raises your energy level to 100%. You stand up from your chair with newfound vigor after having this massage.


Therapeutic Heating


By easing muscle tension, enlarging blood vessels, and improving peripheral circulation, the heat massage feature on this massager enhances the effectiveness of the massage. Even in the winter, it offers more comfort and makes the experience delightful. Regular massage also improves sleep by 70%.


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ISPL Massage Chair


ISPL 639 3D: Fast Reversing Technology


Fast Reversing Technology can achieve more exquisite and comfortable massage manipulation and surpass the hand massage experience.


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ISPL 639-3D Massage Chair


ISPL 639 3D: Space Intelligent Sliding Massager


After turning on, the ISPL 639 3D massager maintains a distance of only 8 cm from the wall thanks to revolutionary micro space intelligent sliding technology, saving space and showing an ideal spectacular Full Body Massager for the home.


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ISPL 639-3D Massage Chair

Refloxology & Accupresure


Bluetooth Audio

ISPL 639-3D Massage Chair

Spaceage Arm Capsule

iRest SL A100 Massage Chair

Auto Body Scan

FEATURES-iRest Massage Chair

Graphine Heating System

ISPL 639-3D Massage Chair

LED Quick Access Remote

Strict Inspection of Massage Chair’s ensures Reliable Quality


Our Premium Massage Chairs are produced under strict production standards. There are five major categories over 169 quality inspection procedures for manufacturing good professional massage chairs.


Product Specifications

Default Timer20 Minutes
Timer Setting5/10/15/20/25/30 minutes
Noise< 53dB
Power consumption200W
Standby power consumption1W
Rating Voltage and FrequencyAC 120V/220V, 50Hz
Maximum load capacity130kg
Net Weight104kg
Dimensions in base position1500 x 820 x 1230 mm (length – width – height)
Dimensions in fully reclined position1900 x 820 x 920 mm (length – width – height)

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