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Massage Chair - ISPL 739 3D Ai
Premium Series electric Massager

The ISPL 739 3D is a Full body, zero gravity shiatsu massage chair in India. This Home massage chair offers excellent luxury and comfort; the patented 3D roller technology enables the massage heads to protrude from the track by an additional 8 to 10 cm to deliver a complete Full body massage.

ISPL 739-3D Massage Chair
ISPL 739-3D Massage Chair

ISPL 739 3D Premium Series Full Body Massage Chair

10 Automatic Massage Programs + 3 Memory Slots

ISPL 739 Premium Series massage machine chair is among the best massage chair in India. Following are the listed features and functions of this advanced electric massager.

One Key Automatic Massage Programs


ISPL 739: Premium Series 3D Massager offers the following one-key massage programs

Health Recharge

Blood circulation is regulated by the health recharge mode, which also helps to relieve stress, exhaustion, and tension. Its goal is to restore your health and energy throughout the day.

Neck & Shoulder

The principal goal of massaging your neck and shoulders is to enhance blood flow to the area and increase brain oxygenation, which will assist in lowering the severity of your headache or migraine.

Relaxed Mode

Kneading and variable air pressure massages are available in Relaxed Mode; these massage features are enjoyable and effectively reduce stress and fatigue.

Fatigue Recovery Mode

Fatigue Recovery mode helps Unwind with an innovative multi-dimensional whole-body 3D massage that combines patented technology.

Full Body Massage

Enjoy a relaxing full-body air massage that will relax your muscles and bones and cure back pain, stiffness, and body tiredness.

Waist Stretch Mode

A person's waist may swing left and right due to an intelligent airbag on the back; this artificial intelligence-driven movement provides a special full-body massage.

Zero Gravity Comfort Mode

Zero gravity comfort mode uses shiatsu massage movement techniques. The massager reclines to zero gravity, intelligently recognizes the human body's posture, and offers an intelligent full-body massage.

Full Air Pressure Mode

This mode concentrates on full-body airbag massage to attain the deepest level of comfort and relaxation, eradicating physical discomfort and weariness.

Features & Functions 


ISPL 739 (3D) has cutting-edge artificial intelligence built for optimal comfort and personalized expert massages. Learn about cutting-edge features and capabilities that can help you.

10 Functions

3 memory modes

3D Soft Massage


Artificial Intelligence

Air Pressure Massage

Roller Heating

Buttock Airbag

Calf Airbag

Calf Kneading

Foot Extend-Retract

Voice Command


Multiple Massage Positions

Calf Airbags

Access control

Sole Airbag & roller

Sore Airbag & Guasha

Speed Adjustable

Usb Ports

Waist Stretch

Adjustable Width

Zero Gravity

Zero Space

Neck & Shoulder massage

Product Reviews

We wanted to Buy the best massage chair in Delhi, and we started searching for the best massage chair to buy. We came across several brands and realized that most of them were importing massagers from various parts of the world. We were perplexed as these vendors were small shops or entities that may not honor service support if needed.
A friend recommended iRest India company. We visited their Greater Kailash showroom and bought a new ISPL 739 3D Body massager. Irest India offered us the best massage chair price in Delhi, and their products and services are genuinely appreciable. Strongly recommend them for their quick response and customer behavior.
Hi, I am Zara, and I wanted to gift my lovely mom a massage chair under 50,000 Indian Rupees. We did some searches online, like (Body massage chair Amazon)  and found a few sellers selling massage chair under 10000 INR.
We have always wanted to buy a Good international massager, preferably from manufacturers or authorized agencies. 
We found irest India; they were kind and helpful. ISPL 739 3D is a little expensive but a perfect massager. My mother likes it a lot as she can control intensity and speed and it has good comfortable cushions to keep you protected. 
All products are excellent and top of the class. They sell an international range of iRest electrical massagers. On Buying ISPl 739 3D, I got a head massager as a gift. 
Recommend them as they are frank, helpful and they offer good products and swift services 

I ordered ISPL 739 3D from iRest India today after thoroughly comparing them to other massage chair manufacturers. 


Over the following few years, I’ll write more reviews on product usage and post-sale support.


Reason for Purchase: My friend had this massager, and they received the option to trade it in for a newer model after three years of use.

I’ve been looking for full-body massages because I understand their importance to the well-being of my loved ones.
I was astonished to discover a massage chair with a realistic feel. iRest India representatives displayed good customer service and excellent product knowledge. They probe for information about your needs and problems while paying attention to your responses. Pleasant and welcoming, with no demands. Everything was five stars from the moment we walked in until the moment we left.
We own ISPL 739 3D massager, and it is a great product to own at home. 
ISPL Massage Chair
ISPL Massage Chair
ISPL 739 3D Massage chair



ISPL 739 3D Ai – Premium Series – Best Massage Chair in India 



ISPL 739 3D incorporates cutting-edge innovations and extra-large massage seats. This robotic massage chair is pleasant and highly comfortable to use.


This Ai premium series: Full Body Massager, is equipped with the Following Features.



  1. Latest 3D Massage Technology
  2. Advanced 3D Massage Mechanism
  3. Whole Body Auto Body Scan  
  4. 10 Automatic Massage programs
  5. Deep Tissue Massages
  6. Independent motors
  7. 15 types of massage techniques
  8. leg kneading
  9. Extensible foot support
  10. Reflexology & acupressure
  11. Therapeutic Patented Roller heating
  12. Voice Control App
  13. Zero Gravity Massage Chair 
  14. Zero Space
  15. Bluetooth Music
  16. USB charging
ISPL 739 3D Massage chair


ISPL 739 3D Ai – Premium Series – Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair


ISPL 739 Shiatsu Massage Chair offers premium luxury with its increased seating area, plush arm cushions, 3D Premium Series Airbags, thigh and butt airbags, and more padding at the calf and foot massage areas are features supporting shiatsu massage programs 


The excellent shiatsu massage this massage robot provides will improve your comfort and well-being.

3D technology ispl



ISPL 739 3D Ai – Premium Series – 3 D Technology – Full Body Massage Chair 


Full-body airbag-encircling 3D massage is available with ISPL 739 3D. The massage increases blood circulation, relaxes the muscles and joints, and relieves fatigue. Its palm airbag technique employs varying air pressure massages on the shoulder, waist, seat, calf, and foot; advanced airbags are multi-layered. Providing you with Premium Therapeutic Massages, the ISPL 739 3D Massager can do various massages on your muscles and acupoints.



ISPL 739 3D Ai – Premium Series- Full Body Massage Chair 


Zero Gravity, Zero Space, Long SL track massage chair, Intelligent Voice Control


The ISPL 739 3D electric Massager works on the muscles and acupoints in several ways. This massage ch

air’s extended Sl Track System provides an excellent therapeutic massage.


This massage chair has a long SL track that allows it to recline into a True Zero Gravity position and takes up no room against your walls when in the upright or zero gravity position. For the convenience of usage, this massage chair can be voice-operated.

ISPL 739 3D Massage chair


“Enjoy Great Sense of Buttock Massage”



New Curve Rail Function with 3 level Adjustments


This zero-gravity Massager can provide back and buttock massages from multiple angles. With the extended-Long SL Track Mechanism, we have overcome the limitations of the standard L shape rail’s function, which prevents flat-lying and stretching, and achieved the best massage chair effect on the human body.



ISPL 739 3D Ai – Premium Series- Full Body Massage Chair online


Comfortable Airbags massage and Heating Systems


The ISPL 739 3D Massagers advanced airbags are multi-layered. They can conduct variable massages on the strengths and acupoints, providing a Premium Professional Therapeutic Massage by applying air pressure with varying intensities to the shoulders, waist, seat, calf, and feet, increasing blood circulation, relaxing the muscles and joints, and reducing fatigue.


Air Pressure Massage


With this massage chair, you’ll get the most incredible massage possible. The air cushions and clever massage chair rollers combine to apply various pressure frequencies to the arms, shoulders, back, hips, and legs. You leave your chair after a massage for regeneration, 100% more energized than before.



Therapeutic Heating


Your blood vessels enlarge, and your peripheral circulation is enhanced as your muscles loosen up. This massage chair heat feature increases the effectiveness of the massage. Even in the colder months, regular massage can improve your sleep quality by 70% while providing a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

ISPL Massage Chair


ISPL 739 3D Ai – Premium Series- Full Body Massage Office Chair 


Fast Reversing Technology 


ISPL 739 3D Full Body Massagers Fast Reversing Technology adds premium functions like finger kneading and back rubbing, which realize more exquisite and comfortable massage manipulation and outperform the hand massage experience.



ISPL 739 3D Ai – Premium Series – Space Intelligent Sliding Chair


With its unique micro space intelligent sliding technology, the ISPL 739 3D massage chair maintains only an 8 cm distance from the wall once turned on, saving room and exhibiting the ideal innovative massage chair for the home.

ISPL 739 3D Massage chair
Real 3D Massage
ISPL 739 3D Massage chair
Full Body Air Massage
ISPL 739 3D Massage chair
Leg & Back Stretch
Bluetooth Audio
Graphine Heating System
Quick Access Controls

Strict inspection of Massage Chair ensures Reliable Quality


Our Massage Chairs are produced under strict production standards. There are 5 major categories over 169 quality inspection procedures for manufacturing a good quality massage chairs



ISPL 739 3D Ai  Premium Full Body Massage Chair


Product Specifications


Default Timer20 Minutes
Timer Setting5/10/15/20/25/30 minutes
Noise< 53dB
Power consumption200W
Standby power consumption1W
Rating Voltage and FrequencyAC 120V/220V, 50Hz
Maximum load capacity130kg
Net Weight104kg
Dimensions in base position1500 x 820 x 1230 mm (length – width – height)
Dimensions in fully reclined position1900 x 820 x 920 mm (length – width – height)

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