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If you’re thinking about buying a full body massage chair, you might be wondering how it stacks up against a human masseuse. The contrasts between a chair massager and a human massage are explained in this article, comparing Branded AI full body massage chair to a human masseuse massage. We’ll compare the two to determine which is superior and whether a massage chair is worth your investment

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Introduction : Human massage vs Full Body Massage Chair

This article will assist the reader in identifying and selecting a suitable massage method; we will explore the benefits and drawbacks of a masseuse and a chair massager, also referred to as a massage machine or a massage recliner.

what is Body Massage

A full body massage involves various forms of physical contact to calm, energize, and heal the body. It is one of the most widely utilized medications and is used to treat a variety of mental, physical and health related issues.

what are the Health Benifits of Full Body Massage

Overview and Comparision

A full body massage chair is a reclined massager created with artificial intelligence to offer different massages in your living rooms or offices. These Reclined Massagers imitate a massage therapist's hand movements, with various body sections massaged using massage rollers and airbags.

These robotic massagers are also known as massage chairs, massage couches, chair massagers, reclined massagers, zero gravity massage chairs, shiatsu massage machines, and many other names based on various cultures or regions..

These Robotic massagers primarily work on advanced computer-based artificial intelligence, which controls electronic vibrators, motors, heating elements and airbags to provide you with massages..

Many Leading Branded Massage chairs have received approvals as medical massage devices or equipment from European and American Governmental Certification Organisations and reputed international scientific research communities. Several reputable branded full-body massage chairs have FDA approvals..

The American Chiropractic Association recognises these medical devices as trustworthy additions to chiropractic therapy (ACA).

However, a massage chair is not human, and there are some human qualities that technology needs to learn and replicate for a complete traditional massage experience.


human massageHuman touch is a discernible distinction between a masseuse and a full body massage chair.

The benefits of the human touch alone for therapy are numerous. These include “improved focus, relief from depressive symptoms, reduction of pain and stress hormones, and higher immune functions.”

But it may be uncomfortable to get touched by a massage therapist

Comfort and Privacy

Privacy massage

Comfort and privacy on a branded luxury full body massage chair are significant advantages for people who want to enjoy a full body massage but are not keen on being touched by any stranger or guarded by any during a relaxed state of mind.
Few people suffer from health problems or complications brought on by neglect or unavoidable medical issues like sciatic nerve pain that necessitates routine gluteal treatment as we age.
 One needs a regular full body massage of the affected region under such situations, and it becomes challenging for almost everyone to allow someone to touch private areas of their bodies.
Few people may not like any individual touching their bodies due to cleanliness and medical reasons; it depends on individual needs and comfort.

Precision Therapeutic Massage

ISPL9394D -salient features

Full-body massage chairs are extensively tested and built robustly to high standards to qualify as medical devices by top governmental and research labs worldwide.


A full-body massage chair is a pre-programmed robot with add-on artificial intelligence; this reclining massager can consistently and precisely deliver quality massage services repeatedly without faltering on massage techniques or your set expectations.

On the other hand, a human masseuse is a unique individual motivated by their skill set, knowledge, mood, patience, and many other emotional behaviours. Suppose you regularly receive massage therapies from a good therapist. In that case, they may be able to customise and offer advanced massages to suit your body massage  requirements, but if you are one of those who are not connected to a regular massage therapist. If you do not wish to be touched appropriately, then a full-body massage chair will suitably meet your needs.

Full body Massage Customization Options

iRest SL A 710 Massage chair

A Full body Massage chair or massage recliners are the results of advanced research and development over several years, making them capable of performing the most intricate massage movements to provide a full-body massage experience. The zero-gravity massage recliners have programmes and manual options that let you adjust settings like intensity, speed and location. When I used one of these reclining massagers, I noticed that I occasionally fell asleep during the massage. I immediately needed to purchase this opulent massage chair/massage equipment. These electric reclining massagers are very comfortable and offer an immersive massage experience in complete privacy with the option to play the music of your choice. A massage therapist uses knowledge to choose which techniques to employ and when to use them. How much pressure to apply. they continuously modify the techniques as they receive feedback from their clients. There is no way to duplicate the dynamics of an authentic, highly professional massage. Although the continual presence of someone trying to massage my body prevented me from relaxing or feeling comfortable like I would do on a massage chair Branded massage chairs come equipped with artificial intelligence (AI)-based body scanning technology that maps the human back to identify height, shape, and pressure spots before automatically changing its rollers to provide a fully customised massage. These days, I frequently utilise my new massage machine while watching late-night television. I typically spend the majority of a month sleeping on this massage bed.

Core Difference

The therapeutic range of a Full Body massage chair is constrained or limited; only the areas with massage components, which are often the neck, back, legs and arms, can be massaged by a massage chair. In today’s massage chairs, airbags are frequently used to treat the sides of the shoulders, hips, lower back, thighs, buttocks, arms, hands, calves, and feet. These chairs come in various price ranges and functionality.
Usually, airbags compress an area by inflating and deflating to squeeze it. However, many massage chairs feature cutting-edge artificial intelligence-driven air massage technology, combining airbags with chair roller systems to provide an even more thorough full-body massage experience.
I recommend you avail of a demonstration to understand the comfort and goodness of a zero gravity reclining massage chair.
For instance, it’s common to find full-body stretch programmes on massage chairs that use airbags to stabilise the legs and feet when the chair reclines to stretch the spine while a person is relaxed. At the same time, the lower body is gently twisted and swung by airbags that periodically inflate in the seat and hips.
However, although airbags have made thorough massage chair massages possible, they still fall short of what a massage therapist can accomplish. A massage therapist may massage your entire body, from head to toe, including the front and back. A massage therapist can treat a little painful spot on the side of your neck if it is on your neck.

Cost and Time

You will pay for both a chair massage and a massage from a professional; nevertheless, the cost is a personal matter of preference. Massage chairs symbolise wealth and prestige in many households rather than necessity. Still, these cutting-edge massage machines exist in different price bands with various features, functions, and technologies.
Select a massage chair based on the cost and the variety of features and components offered in the luxury massage chair you seek.
Ask the salesperson if any discounts are available, learn which chairs are the most well-known global brands they have to offer, and finally, consider how they operate, what sells best, and which massage chair among what they sell is the most well-liked.
Another good idea is Giving the sales crew your budget straight up and asking them to connect with you when they have promotional sales or offers meeting your need.
 If you don’t have any budgetary restrictions or don’t want to make any concessions, let them know that as well, and they’ll recommend the most incredible massage chair to meet your demands.
Meanwhile, massage therapy in a spa varies depending on your choice, preferences and cleanliness.
People who need regular therapeutic massages for well-being or due to health problems will find it hard to regularly move out of home comfort, wait for the massage therapist, and several costs and inconveniences that come with the process, including being touched by the therapist regularly.
The full-body massage chair can be used anytime in the day (based on time and massage frequencies as needed). Still, a massage from a good therpist may involve a specific time slot with the possibility of waiting and may also involve no stoppage due to several restrictions. 


Who is Better ? and why

We’ve now covered the differences between a massage chair and a massage therapist; the next issue is: who is better?

Massage Therapist

Full Body Massage Chair

Final Thoughts

Each has a unique set of advantages and drawbacks, personally 
speaking, both are necessary for well-being. I would use the massage chair for health and wellness. At the same time, someone else may require intervention from a massage therapist under certain medical conditions that cannot be treated at home.
However, it is worth the money to own a luxurious massage chair at home, and covid 19 has taught me that nothing is more important than the happiness and well-being of my family members. 
I hope the comparison was valuable and productive. Try a massage chair when you can experience the wonders of massage at home.