Full Body Massage Chairs : A Luxury Solution for Comfort and Stress Relief

A Full body massage chair provides a premium massage experience with superior comfort and stress relief. Our luxury massage chairs and deep tissue massage chairs are perfect for daily tension relief. If you need a FDA certified massage chair for home or a zero gravity massage chair, iRest India caters to your specific needs, ensuring relaxation and rejuvenation within the comfort of your home.


We are proud to set the highest standards in the industry. Each full body massage chair features advanced AI technology that controls rollers, zero gravity movement, and full air pressure, providing a spa experience at home. Our luxury massage chairs and zero gravity massage chairs for home meet all your well-being needs.


Choose iRest India to turn your home into a comfortable retreat. Our focus on innovation and quality ensures you get the best massage chairs available. Explore our range today to enjoy the benefits of true zero gravity comfort and deep tissue massage. With iRest India, an amazing full body massage is just a chair away

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Best Massage Chairs at just ₹ 99,999.00 - Explore the affordable luxury and premium massage chair price in India

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Indulge in Luxury - Premium Full Body Massage Chairs Offering Supreme Comfort, Elegant Style, and Cutting-Edge Massage Technology, starting at ₹ 2,84,999.00

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Discover Supreme Comfort: Best luxury massage chairs redefining relaxation, starting from ₹4,71,999.00*

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Harbir Singh
K939 - 4D Massage Chair
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Living a healthy lifestyle is a rewarding effort that truly deserves the luxury of an exceptional experience. I am deeply grateful to iRest India for their incredible luxury massage chairs. These chairs provide ultimate relaxation and well-being. Investing in one of their imported Deep tissue massage chair is a wise and affordable decision for enhancing your health and comfort.
Syed Ayesha
irest massage chair - A 710
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The iRest A710 massage chair is simply amazing. It gives you the most comfortable and customized full-body massages. I feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and grateful every time I use it. The advanced features, like zero gravity positioning and deep tissue massage, make it a must-have in my daily life. If you're looking for a massage chair for home, the iRest A710 is the way to go
Kartik chandran
iRest A603- Massage Chair
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After extensive research and testing various massage machines, I confidently chose the iRest A710 Zero Gravity Massage Chair. This luxury massage chair has exceeded my expectations, providing unparalleled comfort and therapeutic benefits. With advanced features like zero gravity positioning and deep tissue massage, it has become an essential part of my wellness routine.
Bhargav yashraj
k939-4D- Massage Chair
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iRest India 939 4D massage chair has been an absolute blessing. I'm deeply grateful for the incredible comfort and therapeutic benefits it brings into my life. This exceptional massage recliner chair provides much-needed relief from back, shoulder, and sciatica pain. Its gentle yet effective massages have made a profound difference, reminding me to cherish the simple pleasures of comfort and relaxation. Investing in the 939 4D massager has truly enhanced my daily well-being
Sheela Diixit
iRest A321 Massage Chair
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My daughter gifted us an electric massage chair, and it has brought immense joy and relief into our lives. Its therapeutic touch helps us escape pain and helps us relax every day. This thoughtful gift has become a beloved part of our routine, creating a soothing oasis where we can unwind and rejuvenate. With features like customizable settings and targeted muscle relief, it offers unparalleled comfort and helps reduce stress.
Aranya kapoor
iRest- SL A 100 Massage Chair
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I'm absolutely thrilled with my iRest India SL A 100 massage chair. It has become my sanctuary for relaxation with its luxurious design and advanced features. Every evening, I look forward to the incredible comfort and therapeutic benefits it offers. After a session, I feel completely rejuvenated, with my tired muscles soothed and my mind refreshed. This high-performance massage chair is now an essential part of my self-care routine. The advanced massage functions, like deep tissue and zero gravity, provide the perfect blend of comfort and relief. If you're looking for a massage chair for home, the iRest India SL A 100 is a fantastic choice that delivers true relaxation and joy.
irest A321 Massage chair
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My iRest massage chair has provided great relief from chronic shoulder and lower back pain. Its intelligent massage techniques, full-body stretch, and targeted neck and shoulder massages have brought me immense satisfaction and increased mobility. If you're looking for a massage chair for home, the iRest India massage machines are an excellent choice for relief and relaxation
iRest A 603 Massage Chair
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The iRest massage chair is a game-changer for any home, offering a luxurious and rejuvenating experience. A quick 20-minute session on an iRest massage chair can revitalize your day and guarantee a peaceful night's sleep. A heartfelt thank you to iRest India for their remarkable contribution to our well-being!
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