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iRest electric company manufactures and sells full body massage chairs, recliners, robots, and accessories across 100 countries worldwide.

iRest massage products are recognized worldwide as premium luxury massage products that are innovative, durable, and simple to use Our full-body electric massage chairs are unmatched in terms of comfort, functionality, durability, and pricing.

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iRest 321
Home Massage Chair

The iRest SL A 321 3D Classic series Massager is designed for people who want a long-lasting, opulent electric massager that includes all of an ultra-luxurious massager’s capabilities but is still reasonably priced. This 3D electric massager is perfect for use at home or the office because it can do many massages simultaneously.

iRest 710 4D
Massage Chair price in India

If you’re looking for a fantastic customised massage, look no further than the new 4D electric massagers from iRest. These massage machines use the most advanced high-tech massage rollers to offer you the best massage possible. With their multi-angle all-around intelligent body massages, they can achieve various techniques that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

ISPL 939 4D

With ten programmes, Voice Control, Bluetooth Audio, Zero Gravity, roller Heating, and Innovative AI-based High-Tech Massage Rollers, the ISPL 939 4D is an ultra-luxury series massager that will give you the most excellent massage possible. Its foundation is a cutting-edge SL track system. 

ISPL-939 4D

ISPL 739 3D Full Body  Premium Series Massage Chair is an Professional Massage Chair designed for people who seek extra luxury and space to enjoy massages as good as Ultra Luxury Masage Chairs – This 3D electric massage Chair can offer multiple types of massages at the same time and It is perfect for a home or office use

ISPL 739
massage recliner chair

iRest SL A100 3D Luxury Series body Massager is a sumptuous electric massager based on an advanced 3D+ SL track mechanism. This electric massager can provide several Full Body massages simultaneously. It is ideal for use at home or the office.

Massage chair Price

ISPL 639 3D premium series electric massager is an affordable advanced massage chair incorporating all the latest features and functions of advanced ultra-luxury massagers; This 3D full-body electric massager can achieve multiple massages simultaneously. It’s perfect for home or office use


ISPL 439 3D Classic series Body Massager was created for those looking for Luxurious massage chairs that have all the features of an ultra-luxury massager but are still affordable. This 3D massage Machine chair can do many body massages and is ideal for usage in the home or workplace.

ISPL 439 3D

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"Eight Reasons to Buy iRest Massage Products."

Mishty Amitva

Our clientele are among the happiest and healthiest people around the Planet

irest-india-Nine reasons

IRest home Massage chairs offer various healthful massages in the comfort of your living room.

irest-india-Nine reasons

Clean and precise massage therapies are an essential component of health and medical care

irest-india-Nine reasons

Regular full Body massage benefits include treating various bodily ailments and easing anxiety, increasing circulation, easing headaches, reducing muscle pain  and body stiffness, and relieving headaches.

irest-india-Nine reasons

Brand iRest is the most Trusted and Preferred Luxury Brand in more than 100 nations worldwide. Our innovative massage products are Simple, Comfortable, Intelligent, and just what You require.

irest-india-Nine reasons

Our chair for massage is so robust that they barely need maintenance, but they come with the industry's strongest guarantee and warranty.

irest massage chairs

iRest chairs are intended to deliver the best-in-class full-body massages. Our patented technologies are regularly investigated and enhanced by scientists in famous research facilities in the United States of America.

irest-india-Nine reasons

Nearly every place on earth can service iRest products. An unmatched service and assistance network is offered by iRest India throughout the Indian continent.

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iRest Luxury full-body Massage chairs are carefully crafted to Perfection. An International Scientific study by a leading university in the USA recommends a daily massage of 20 minutes for the Healthy Well-being of Mankind.

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We thank God for giving us this excellent massager; irest chairs are the most comfortable and appealing for customized full body massages, and they are among the best massage chair to buy
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irest chairs are the most comfortable and appealing full body massagers. I bought the ISPL 939 4D to help with my back, shoulder, and sciatica pain. After trying it out, I realized it might be among life's best investments.
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Many of the massage machine chairs on the market have been compared and tested by me. I did an in-depth analysis as it cost money, and then I decided to buy massage chair online.
Sheela Diixit
Sheela Diixit
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My Daughter gifted me this electric body massager, and I could not be happier or more at ease. This chair is everything to us; we use it daily, and just a few minutes of full body massage can disappear all of our stress and body pain.
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My body feels wholly wrecked after a long day of wearing heels and long work hours, but I feel rejuvenated only after an evening body massage on my favorite irest SL A 100 Spending money to buy massage chair is a sensible option for your health and well-being
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Intelligent massage techniques do wonders for my chronic shoulder and lower back discomfort. My favorite chiropractic treatment includes a full-body stretch and massage of the neck and shoulders.
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iRest is an excellent addition to any house for healthy relaxation. It only takes 20 minutes to jump-start your day and prepare for a promising good night's sleep. Irest India, many thanks!
Harbir Singh
Harbir Singh
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If I could go back in time, I wish I had this chair when I was 20 years old! We put in a lot of effort; therefore, we merit this luxury of a healthy lifestyle. I thank Irest India and would advise you to buy this body massage office chair or a good luxury full-body zero gravity massager. Compared to European markets, The massage chair price india seems economical.

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Important Question and Answers

A Full body Massager can boost immunity and human welfare by reducing stress, enhancing blood circulation, and draining lymphatic glands.

Every day, 20 minutes of massage therapy is advised for the healthy well-being of humankind.

Although incredibly clever and precise, the best massagers  fall short of competent masseuses in terms of human touch and customization.

Before employing or receiving any massage therapy, people with serious medical conditions should see their doctors.

Although there are many different colours for massage recliner chairs, not all colours may be offered by massage  equipment manufacturers for a variety of reasons.

Irest and Osim are two prominent manufacturers of massage products worldwide.

A person’s weight is uniformly distributed in the zero gravity position, allowing a zero gravity massager to deliver a more opulent massage.

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