A 100 4D Massage Chair

Massage Office Chair- iRest A100 4D: Elevate Your Office Comfort to New Heights

Discover ultimate  comfort with the iRest A100 4D Massage office Chair. With advanced AI function and voice control, you’re in control of your relaxation experience. Activate zero gravity mode, enjoy deep tissue massages, and explore 23 advanced features – all at your fingertips. The iRest A100 4D Massage office chair isn’t just a chair; it’s your daily escape into a world of productivity and relaxation. Experience the future of Massage office chair comfort today.

Experience the epitome of office comfort with the A100 4D Massage office Chair, designed for office use. This remarkable massage chair office combines advanced technology and luxurious seating to create an oasis of relaxation. With cutting-edge AI function and voice control, you have the power to tailor your massage experience precisely to your liking. Activate the zero gravity mode and feel the burdens of the workday lift away as you enjoy a weightless sensation

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Introducing the iRest SL A 100 4D Massage Chair – An Ultra Luxury Series Electric Massager Redefining Relaxation. Cutting-Edge Innovations & Extra-Large Space for Unmatched Comfort. Among India’s Best in Class. Elevate Your Well-Being – Preferred & Acclaimed. Pure Bliss & Unparalleled Comfort. Discover the Art of Relaxation with iRest SL A 100 4D Massage Chair – Your Path to Ultimate Luxury. Elevate Your Journey – Shop Now!

iRest India A 100  4D Luxury Massage Chair


Embark on a Journey of Opulence. Surrender to Unparalleled Luxury – Discover Remarkable & Exquisite Body Massages, Empowered by Cutting-edge AI Technology, Motorized Rollers, & Intelligent Sensors. Revel in Unmatched Comfort & Elegance with Our Exclusive Showcase. Unlock the Ultimate Experience – Watch Now and Embrace Pure Luxury!

Sl A100-4D Ultra Luxury Massage Chair: Functions & Features


23 Automatic Massage Programs + 3 Memory Slots

Eight One Key Automatic Massage Programs

Swift Mode

Swift mode offers an immersive massage experience lasting 20 minutes with adjustable massage speeds, techniques, and intensity. This mode assists in reducing stress, enhancing blood flow, and reviving the human body.

Comfort Mode

In Comfort mode, your entire body will receive a full, authentic air pressure massage from your neck to your spine and your fingers to your fingertips.

Relaxed Mode

Kneading and different air pressure massage are available in the relaxed mode. Ai zero gravity massage chair has the feel of a real person's touch, uplifts your mood, and effectively eases stress and fatigue.

Fatigue Recovery Mode

Relax with an intelligent, 4D Ultra Luxury massage chair that combines various massage Programs and patented massage technologies that provide unique multi-dimensional massages.

Pain Recovery Mode

Pain recovery Massage is an advanced scraping Massage Treatment. Ai zero gravity massage chair will stretch back muscles and loosens muscles and bones to relieve pain and stiffness.

Waist Stretch Mode

Filling and deflating an Intelligent electric Massage airbag on the back can cause a person's waist to swing to the left and right. This complex Ai-driven movement offers a unique massage experience.

Knee Protection Mode

This irest massage chair reclines to zero gravity position intelligently detecting the position of the knee to deliver an air squeeze massage or a clockwise and a counterclockwise shiatsu massage.

Full Air Pressure Mode

This mode Focuses on the Full Body airbag massage to achieve the state of maximum relaxation and deep comfortable massage.

23 Features & Functions

3 Memory Modes

Air Pressure Adjustable

Arm Air Bag


Artificial Intelligence


Auto Modes

Back Carbon Fibre Heater

Buttock Airbag

Calf Airbag

Calf Kneading

Foot Extend-Retract

Voice Command


Multiple Positions Massage


Negative Oxygen Ion

Quick Buttons On Armrest

Sole Airbag & roller

Sore Airbag & Guasha

Speed Adjustable

Usb Ports

Waist Stretch

Width Adjustable On Back

Zero Gravity

Zero Space

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