A 321 3D Massage Chair

iRest Chair A321 3D: Unveil an exquisite entry-level Electric Massager infused with cutting-edge technologies from iRest India. Embrace ultimate relaxation with this must-have iRest Chair companion. Elevate well-being with the iRest Chair A321 3D Massage Chair – your portal to unrivaled comfort, anywhere. Indulge in pure luxury with this remarkable iRest Chair

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iRest Chair A321 3D: Unveil the realm of relaxation with an entry-level Electric Massager infused with cutting-edge technologies from iRest India. Experience the epitome of ultimate relaxation – an essential indulgence for your well-being. Elevate your senses with the iRest Chair A321 3D Classic Massage Chair, your gateway to boundless rejuvenation anytime, anywhere. Immerse yourself in the world of tranquility and pure luxury with this remarkable iRest Chair

iRest Chair:  A 321  3D  Massage Chair


Rest Chair A321: Uncover the Ultimate Massage Experience! Dive into the video to explore a top-selling, feature-packed entry-level massage chair. Discover the latest technologies and experience the epitome of ultimate relaxation. A must-have for a luxurious massage. Don’t miss out – watch now

IRest SL A 321 3D - Home Massage Chair


8 Automatic Massage Programs + 3 Memory Slots



iRest SL A 321 3D Home Massage Chair comes with Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithms, its combinations of Complex Massage Techniques translate it into a High value entry-level Professional massager.

Eight One Touch Automatic Programs

Back & Waist Massage

Focus on the Back & Waist Massage

Relaxing Massage

Gentle and comfortable deep massage to relieve your Body fatigue

Shoulder & Neck Massage

Focus on Shoulder & Neck Massage

Full Body Massage

Deep Massage to Rejunivate your body

Traction Massage

Move your Body Parts Up and down through the Leg rest and the Back rest

Protection of Vertibral Massage

Focus On Chiropractic Massage and Relax your Body and Mind

Comfortable Massage

The Most Comfortable Massage Experience

Full Air Pressure

Focus on the full body airbag massage to achieve full relaxation and deep massage of the body

Best home Massage Chair - A 321 3D

Features and Functions

8 Automatic Massages

Soft 3D Massage Mechanism

Automatic Body Recognition & Scanning

Reflexology & Acupressure

Dual Level Zero Gravity

Bluetooth & Music

Extendable Leg support

Zero Space


3D Stereoscopic Massage

Therapeutic Heating

Ergonomic L Frame

Forward Sliding Function

Full Body Air Massage

Complete Massage System

Leg Length Adjustment

Voice Command

iRest chair : A 321 3D - Features & functions

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A 321 3D Home Massage Chair : – Product catlogue and  Specifications

A321-zero space
iRest India Massage Chairss

Additional information

Weight 115 kg
Dimensions 175 × 77 × 120 cm