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ISPL 439 3D - Best Massage Chair in India
Classic Series Full body Massager

The ISPL 439 3D is a budget-friendly body massager that offers the leading technologies found in more expensive massagers. The owners and reviewers of this body massager give it the highest ratings, making it one of the most popular massagers in India. The massager has received numerous accolades worldwide for its design, comfort, and cost.

ISPL 439-3D Massage Chair
ISPL 439-3D Massage Chair

ISPL 439 3D - Classic Series - Best Massage Chair in India


12 Automatic Massage Programs + 3 Memory Slots


ISPL-439-3D is the Best massage chair in India. Following are the listed functions and features of this award-winning massager. 


12 Automatic Massage Programs + 3 Memory Slots


ISPL 439 3D is the Best Massage Chair in India, featuring Advanced Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms. Discover the program that best suits your Need

Master Choice

CEO Comfort

Senior Priority

Health Recharge

Pain Relief

Full Body Stretch

Neck & Shoulder

Fatigue Recover

Lady Mode

Worker Mode

Easy Sleep

Cybrarian Mode

ISPL 439 3D (Version 2022): Features and Functions



ISPL 439 3D is the Best Massage Chair in India. The following functions and features are available on this Professional massager. 


12 Automatic Massages

Soft 3D Massage Mechanism

Automatic Body Recognition & Scanning

Reflexology & Acupressure

Dual Level Zero Gravity

Bluetooth & Music

SL Type Rail

Zero Space

Therapeutic Heating


3D Stereoscopic Massage

USB Port Charger

Forward Sliding Function

Full Body Air Massage

Complete Massage System

Extendabble Leg Support

Calf Script

Full Body Air Pressure Massage

Quick Access Buttons

Calf Kneading

Multiple Position Massage

Massager Reviews

iRest India is the best massage chair brand in India. Weeks of reading and research went into our order, and thus far, we have made the right choice because we got the best massage chair price in india.
You can choose several adjustments for pressure, width and speed of massage to customise the massage to your exact needs. We primarily use the chair’s preset routines, which are excellent. Tethering Bluetooth is straightforward. I would repurchase this and was pleased with the purchase. Although it has only been six months, I am already pleased.
Yes, I adore this home massage chair. It functions nicely, and I appreciate how softly it operates. The airbags are somewhat forceful and will pressure you to break, except for the shoulder airbags. The auto programmes are excellent; at the press of a single button on the remote, various styles and forcefulness levels are available. There are aspects of the chair that I would like to change. They are as follows:
You must manually switch on the programme for that area, such as the upper body or shoulders, and then turn it off at the appropriate location if you want it to focus on a single area. You must restart the software and switch it off at the new area you want it to focus on to transfer it once more.
Even if I were granted a refund, I wouldn’t return the chair. I use it twice a day for 15 to 20 minutes at a time, and although I hope to buy massage chair in the future, this is an excellent beginner chair for the price.

It is lovely to mention that we use this zero gravity massage chair daily and are delighted with it. Since I’ve had severe back discomfort for almost seven years, this chair has helped me feel better. I spent a lot of time and money seeing chiropractors find relief, but none were able to do so because the tension was brought on by stress. It’s an excellent investment to purchase this ISPL 439 3D massager for your wellness. It is accessible whenever you have 15 minutes to spare, day or night

This full body massage chair price in india is economical, and the chair is equally as functional as the one costing 500,000 lakh rupees. It is excellent for stretching and soothing aching muscle, and we have bought four chairs for commercial use at the office, and they have so far no problems and work tandemly for more tha 5 hours every day

I always favour massagers with many valuable functions and pre-programmed settings. As you alter the chair’s settings to meet your body’s needs, they significantly boost its adaptability. Three auto-massage modes are included in the Shiatsu Massage Chair, each focusing on different muscles to quickly and completely relax you. 
Conclusion: this is truly the best massage chair in India.
ISPL Massage Chair
ISPL Massage Chair
ISPL 439-3D Massage Chair-Salient Features


 ISPL 439 3D – Salient Features


ISPL 439 3D is the best massage chair in india, incorporating cutting-edge innovations available on more expensive massagers 


This Classic Series Massager is equipped with the Following Features.


  1. Latest Ai 3D+ Massage Technology
  2. Full Body Auto Scan  
  3. 12 Automatic Massage programs
  4. Deep Massages
  5. Independent motors
  6. 15 types of massage techniques
  7. leg kneading
  8. Extensible foot support
  9. Reflexology & acupressure
  10. Therapeutic Back heating
  11. Voice control
  12. Zero Gravity Massage
  13. Zero Space
  14. Bluetooth Music
  15. USB charging
Irest massage chair Body Scan


ISPL 439 3D – Body Scanning System 


ISPL 439 3D is the best massage chair in India. It incorporates an advanced robotic 3D Body scanning system with an extended SL shape rail configuration and a patented Luxury massage mechanism.


The 3D Body Scanning system checks for various parameters on the human body to help the advanced AI system offer customized massages preferred based on height, weight, length, and pulse of an individual



3D Technology – ISPL 439 3D Classic Series Massager 


ISPl 439 3D is the best massage chair in India. It incorporates the latest 3D+ Technologies that make this massager unique. And best value for money. 3D + technologies on this advanced home massage chair offers extended customized massages similar to that of 4D Massage technologies 

ISPL 439-3D Massage Chair



ISPL 439 3D – Zero Gravity & Intelligent Voice Control


The ISPL 439 3D is a superb zero-gravity massager that creates a perfectly relaxed, natural, and comfortable massage position, reducing heart and spine pressure, increasing circulation and oxygen to the brain, improving sleep quality, and eradicating weariness.


Its palm airbag technique applies several changeable messages to the muscles and acupoints while using varying air pressure, providing a therapeutic massage.


The SL track system in this massage chair transforms it into a True Zero Gravity position when reclined. This electric massager also responds to voice commands.

ISPL 439-3D Massage Chair


ISPL 439 3D – Extendable Leg Support


Based on cutting-edge AI assessment of your Body height and weight, ISPL 439 3D has adjustable leg support to satisfy your critical massage comfort needs. This advanced massage chair function enables you to unwind comfortably while receiving a skilled massage.

ISPL 439-3D Massage Chair


ISPL 439 3D – Best massage chair in India 


Airbag massage and Heating System


The variable-intensity air pressure massage provided by ISPL 439 3D on the shoulders, waist, seat, calves, and feet encourages blood circulation, soothes the muscles and joints, and eliminates fatigue. Advanced airbags are multi-layered and deliver premium professional therapeutic massages by conducting a variety of massages on the muscles and acupoints.


Air Pressure Massage

This reclining massager provides the best massage. The air cushions squeeze the arms, shoulders, back, hips, and legs at various frequencies. After having a renewal massage that raises your energy level to 100%, you get out of your chair with fresh vitality. They all work in combination with intelligent massage rollers.


Therapeutic Heating

By easing muscle tension, enlarging blood vessels, and improving peripheral circulation, the heat massage feature improves the effectiveness of the massage. Even in the winter, it offers more comfort and makes the experience delightful. Regular massage also improves sleep by 70%.

ISPL Massage Chair


ISPL 439 3D – Fast Reversing Technology 


ISPL 439 3D is the best massage chair in india and incorporates fast reversing technology. This unique feature adds a particular function of back rubbing and finger kneading, which may achieve more exquisite and comfortable massage manipulation and go beyond hand massage.

ISPL 439-3D Massage Chair


ISPL 439 3D – Space Intelligent Sliding Massager


With its unique micro space intelligent sliding technology, the ISPL 439 3D is the best massage chair in India. It maintains a distance from the wall of only 8 cm after turning on, saving room and showing the ideal intelligent massager for the house.

ISPL 639-3D Massage Chair

Refloxology & Accupresure

ISPL 639-3D Massage Chair

Spaceage Arm Capsule


Bluetooth Audio

ISPL 639-3D Massage Chair

Soft AIr Bag Foot Massage

ISPL 439-3D Massage Chair

Voice Command

ISPL 639-3D Massage Chair

LCD Quick Access Remote

Strict Inspection of Full Body Massager ensures Reliable Quality


The best Massage Chair in India is produced under strict production standards. There are 5 major categories over 169 quality inspection procedures for manufacturing a good quality massager



Product Specifications

Tracking 1080mm
Default Timer 20 Minutes
Timer Setting 5/10/15/20/25/30 minutes
Noise < 53dB
Power consumption 200W
Standby power consumption 1W
Rating Voltage and Frequency AC 120V/220V, 50Hz
Maximum load capacity 130kg
Net Weight 104kg
Dimensions in base position 1500 x 820 x 1230 mm (length – width – height)
Dimensions in fully reclined position 1900 x 820 x 920 mm (length – width – height)

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