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ISPL 939 4D Full Body Massage Chair India
Ultra Luxury Series Massage Recliner Chair

ISPL 939 4D is the most comfortable full body massage chair in India with cutting-edge innovations and an extra oversized massage chair seat. 4D massage rollers on this Intelligent massager can give multi-angle full-body massages.

ISPL 939 4D Massage Chairs
ISPL 939 4D Massage Chairs

Ultra Luxury Series - ISPL 939 4D Full Body Massage Chair in India

 12 Automatic Massage Chair Programs + 3 Memory Slots

ISPL 939 4D is among the most preferred and purchased luxury massage chairs worldwide. This massager features the following

One Key Auto Programs


Discover ISPL 939 4D with Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning, a combination of Patented Technologies that translate this into an Intelligent and professional Full body massager.

Health Recharge

Health recharge mode aids in regulating blood circulation and lowering stress, fatigue, and tension. Its objective is to renew your health so you can stay energized all day.

Neck & Shoulder

Minimize the intensity of your headache or migraine by massaging the muscles in your neck and shoulders, which enhances blood flow to the area and increases brain oxygenation.

Relaxed Mode

Relaxed Mode offers Kneading and variable air pressure massages. This feature makes you happy and efficiently relieves tension and weariness.

Fatigue Recovery Mode

Fatigue recovery mode offers distinctive multi-dimensional full-body massages helping you unwind and de-stress

Full Body Massage

Enjoy a comfortable Full body massage. It will stretch back muscles and loosens muscles and bones to relieve pain, stiffness, and Body fatigue.

Waist Stretch Mode

Advanced Massage chair airbags on the back can cause a person's waist to swing to the left and right. This Ai-driven movement offers a unique massage experience.

Zero Gravity Comfort Mode

The 4D massage chair reclines intelligently to zero gravity position detecting and distributing the human body's weight uniformly across the massager to deliver a Comfortable air squeeze massage or a clockwise and a counter-clockwise shiatsu massage.

Full Air Pressure Mode

This mode Focuses on full-body airbag massage to achieve the state of maximum relaxation and deep comfort, removing body pain and Body fatigue

Features & Functions 


Discover advanced features and functions of ISPL 939 4D that meet your needs.

12 Functions

3 memory modes

4D Soft Massage


Artificial Intelligence

Air Pressure Massage

Buttock Airbag

Roller Heating

Calf Airbag

Calf Kneading

Foot Extend-Retract

Voice Command


Multiple Positions Massage

Calf Airbags

Quick Buttons On Armrest

Sole Airbag & roller

Sore Airbag & Guasha

Speed Adjustable

Usb Ports

Waist Stretch

Width Adjustable On Back

Zero Gravity

Zero Space

Neck and Shoulder massage features


Negative O2 Ion

Product Reviews


I was worried about Full Body massage chair price in india. We wanted to import an iRest Home massage chair from dubai or singapore. It was economical to buy electrical and electronics products there, but this was optional as iRest India gave us a premium massage chair for home with addon gifts and reasonable international pricing. Our chair has been with us for two years, and we use it daily.

My Husband can feel it easing the strain on his back and enhancing blood flow in his legs. My back is now more perfectly aligned than ever, and I notice that my muscles are more relaxed, the massage recliner chair reached our home in two days, and the delivery men carried it precisely into the room we requested. The few times I had to call with minor inquiries, I was astonished by the customer service, and I would recommend their products and services.

My little flat in Worli has a limited amount of space, and I admit that seeing the size of this Electric Massage chair box was daunting. However, iRest India has lived up to its reputation.

The installation team needed the same amount of time to set up the chair as it did to unpack the pieces and carry them to the room. It took about an hour to put it together, and the instructions and maintenance are relatively simple. I’m happy with my Buy, and they offered me the best massage chair price in Mumbai.

Even though I’ve only had my irest A710 4D luxury massage chair for a few months, I adore it. I was concerned that the massage quality would disappoint me because I have previously used more expensive Massage chairs. I was pleasantly delighted to learn that the massage quality was far better than I had anticipated. In general, the purchase went smoothly. It is intense yet comfortable, which is what I wanted. I adore this Massage recliner chair and have been using it virtually daily.

I have faced no issues regarding service and support, and they are prompt and helpful. This electric massage chair is robust and sturdy, and I got India’s best full body massage chair.

I was very impressed with their attention, they sell great international massage products, and this is a good company.
iRest India’s product range raises the bar for quality above other massage chair manufacturers. Full body massage chair benefits are innumerable.
I have fibromyalgia and have struggled to get back on my feet. As my fibro flares up, my body aches unbearably. I advise anyone experiencing comparable pain, or any pain, to stop suffering and make an appointment to find an excellent electric massager that works well for your body type and comfort.
Finally, I want to thank the management of iRest India for their assistance, support, and excellent product that has enabled me to live a better life. Life is beautiful and easy if we look for solutions that help us enjoy that life.

It is a chair with massager and a Massage sofa. My life has changed after buying this incredible electric massage machine, we use it every day, and I am pleased with this product and recommend everyone to own such health and wellness equipment at home.

Regarding irest india – they have experienced staff, and communication is good, they matched international pricing, and I also received a separate eye massager and some club membership coupons. The machine is indestructible. It looks brand new after five years of usage.

We love watching Big Boss after a full day of hard work, and my husband does not share this super comfortable chair for massage with anyone after returning home. I had to compromise, so we thought of buying an additional recliner sofa but that was not all that comfortable, hugging, and it could not offer full body massage while watching big boss or listening to music.

We returned the recliner within two days of purchase and bought a full massage chair. Now both enjoy gentle massages daily while we watch our evening entertainment together..

ISPL Massage Chair
ISPL Massage Chair
ISPL9394D -salient featureS


ISPL 939 4D Ai – Ultra Luxury Series – Full Body Massage Chair


ISPL 939 4D  Full Body – electric massage chair incorporates cutting-edge innovations and extra-large space; this Robotic massage chair is delightful and extremly  comfortable


ISPL 939 4D Comes with Following Features



  1. Latest 4D Ai  Technology
  2. Advanced 3D+ Massage Mechanisms
  3. Full Body Auto Scan  
  4. 12 Automatic programs
  5. Deep Tissue Massages
  6. Independent motors
  7. 15 types of massage techniques
  8. leg kneading
  9. Extensible foot support
  10. Reflexology & acupressure
  11. Therapeutic Patented Roller heating
  12. Voice control App
  13. Zero Gravity massag 
  14. Zero Space
  15. Bluetooth Music
  16. USB charging



ISPL 939 4D – Ultra Luxury Series- Full Body Massage Chair


ISPL 939 4D Ultra luxury Series Full Body massage chair creatively develops a 4D massage technique focusing on buttock massage, ensuring the massage rollers combine perfectly with the extended body curve. 4D massage Chair rollers are the newest high-tech massage roller machines. Compared to previous 3D massage Chair designs, 4D massage rollers can provide a multi-angle, all-around intelligent full body massage experience. This massage chair incorporates cutting-edge innovations and extra-large space and is incredibly pleasant and highly comfortable.

ISPL 739 3D Massage chair


Airbag and Patented Heating Rollers 


ISPL 939 4D Ultra Luxury Series Automatic Massage Chairs offer Full-body airbag encircling massage and unique simulations. Its palm airbag technique uses gentle air pressure massage on the shoulder, waist, seat, calf, and foot to promote blood circulation, relax the muscles and joints, and relieve fatigue. Advanced airbags are multi-layered and can conduct weak, solid, or variable deep tissue massage on the muscles and acupoints, offering you a Premium Therapeutic Massage Experience.

ISPL 939 4D Full Body Ai Electric Massage Chair has three zero gravity adjustment angles. When reclined, this Ai Full Body Massage Chair gets into a luxurious zero-gravity position distributing the human Body weight evenly with the pressure on the spine and joints reduced to achieve a state of extreme relaxation.
This Massage Chair has a Comfortable S and L Curve with an extended rail track system and a massaging chair area that is 65% larger than S track massage chairs. The S-shaped guide rail deeply fits the human spine curve, and the L-shaped guide rails extend the massage Chair area from the neck to the thighs.
This ultra-luxurious massage chair has voice control.


ISPL 939 4D – Ultra Luxury Series – Full Body Massage Chairs 


New Curve Rail Function with 3-Level Adjustment


We created 4D curved rail technology combined with 4D massage mechanical core patents.


This Massage Chair Realizes multi-angle integrated massage for the back and buttocks. We have broken through the traditional L shape rail’s function, which cannot realize flat-lying and stretching and achieve the best massage effect on the human body.

ISPL 939 Massage chair



The ISPL 939 4D Ai Ultra Luxury Series – full-body massage chair uses cutting-edge heating massage roller technology to create a warm moxibustion effect while the rollers massage the shoulder, back, waist, and buttocks. Enhancing the massage experience through increasing blood circulation, reducing weariness, and other factors

ISPL Massage Chair


 Fast Reversing Technology ISPL 939 4D Massage Chair


ISPL 939 4D Massage Chairs Fast Reversing Technology adds a unique function of finger kneading and back rubbing, which can realize more exquisite and comfortable massage manipulation and exceed the hand massage experience

ISPL Massage Chair


ISPL 939 4D Ai Ultra-Luxury Full Body Massage Chair


All New Ai-Based Twist and Stretch Massages


The ISPL 939 4D Ai Ultra Luxury Massage Chair incorporates essential Thai massage techniques, extending the entire body and relaxing the muscles and ligaments in the back to relieve fatigue more effectively. Letting your body sway rhythmically will allow you to rest and have fun.


The connection between the waist and buttocks, which can achieve the function of air pressure stretching, flipping, and twisting the core, is the basis of a new cloud airbag massage technique. The 4D massage machine pushes your body while performing functions to extend your chest and body while massaging your shoulders.



ISPL 939 4D Ai Ultra-Luxury Full Body Massage Chair


Zero Space Technology  


ISPL 939 4D is the best full body massage chair in India. This ultra-luxury massage chair occupies zero space from your walls and provides an open space environment that does not require a more extensive spread to fit.


kindly contact refurbished department for used massage chair under 10000

ISPL 939 Massage chairfeatures

360°warm Foot Therapy

ISPL 939 Massage chairfeatures

Bluetooth Audio

ISPL 939 Massage chairfeatures

Skin Friendly Leather

Strict inspection of Massage Chairs ensures Reliable Quality.


Our Massage Chairs undergo strict production standards. There are five significant categories over 169 quality inspection procedures for manufacturing good massage chairs.


ISPL 939 4D Ai Full Body Massage Chair


Product Specifications


Default Timer20 Minutes
Timer Setting5/10/15/20/25/30 minutes
Noise< 53dB
Power consumption200W
Standby power consumption1W
Rating Voltage and FrequencyAC 120V/220V, 50Hz
Maximum load capacity130kg
Net Weight104kg
Dimensions in base position1500 x 820 x 1230 mm (length – width – height)
Dimensions in fully reclined position1900 x 820 x 920 mm (length – width – height)

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